Countdown, New Zealand

Countdown's ColbyRACK storage system, designed to cope with the extreme forces generated during seismic events, coped efficiently with on-going aftershocks following the 7.1 magnitude earthquake which struck Christchurch on September 4, 2010.

The storage system, designed and manufactured by Dematic in Australia, provides capacity for more than 19,000 pallets in Countdown’s newly upgraded Christchurch Regional Distribution Centre (CRDC) at Shands Road, Hornby.
Denva Galloway, Logistics Manager at the CRDC, said: “We’ve experienced literally thousands of aftershocks since Dematic installed our new pallet racking, and the ColbyRACK system has withstood them all efficiently.
“In fact, I don’t think we’ve even lost a single carton from the storage system,” she said.
“It’s quite amazing to see how the ColbyRACK moves swaying in a controlled manner in response to the ground movement when an aftershock occurs,” added Ms Galloway.
“The noise of the system as it flexes can be pretty scary at first, but it's coped very well with everything to date and we have not had a single beam, upright or brace significantly damaged during any of the aftershocks,” she said.

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