Dematic Modular Conveyor System

Whether you are handling cases, totes, trays, poly bags, or parcel envelopes, a wide variety of load sizes and weights are accommodated. Please reference Dematic specification sheets by model number for technical attributes and capacity ratings. MCS offers a complete range of modules to create a highly efficient material flow configuration. MCS is often integrated with other devices such as scanners, sorters, label print and apply devices, case sealers, in-line weigh scales, palletizers, and robotics. 

A Complete Family of Modules 

Dematic MCS uses a universal side frame for all modules. This design feature allows for easier reconfiguration as your operation changes. MCS is made up of over 40 standard conveyor models that allow you to configure the most optimized conveyor network for your application. The conveyor types available to build your system include transportation, accumulation, curves, inclines/declines, right angle transfers, steerable wheel sorters, and sorter induction. 

More Drive Options

Dematic MCS is configured using AC drive motors, DC low voltage motor driven rollers, or a combination of both. With this dual offering, the most appropriate drive system can be applied to your conveyor system layout. For example, with long runs of conveyor, it is most cost effective to use one AC motor instead of multiple motor driven rollers. Or, a right angle transfer module can be inserted into a single length of AC driven accumulation conveyor by “snubbing down” the narrow Kevlar® drive belt, omitting the need for an AC drive motor on either side of the transfer. 

Quiet Rollers & Belted Sections

Dematic MCS is offered with quiet operating rollers and belted conveying surfaces. Rollers feature double spring action, plastic coated axles, and precision, “sealed for life” bearings. High strength, one piece vulcanized belting is used in zone segments to allow precise carton control or for applications that accommodate light weight or poly bagged items. The segmented belt conveyor, driven by motor driven rollers, features automatic tracking and tensioning. 

Electronic Sensing

Dematic MCS uses electronic sensing devices for load detection. Zone boundaries are determined with electronic sensors and reflectors. A standardized set of parts make up the assembly: sensor, reflector, protective housing, cabling and mounting components. The sensor and reflector housings offer multiple mounting angles.

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