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Dematic Auto Bagging Solution

A turnkey, automated packing and labelling solution for consolidating and bagging eCommerce orders

Dematic’s Auto Bagging Solution is a turnkey, automated packing and labelling solution for consolidating and bagging eCommerce orders for outbound despatch or inbound goods to be returned to stock.

Through the integration of numerous despatch activities and driven by smart software, the various Dematic Auto Bagging Solution configurations, manage the consolidation of orders, application of despatch labelling, and sortation of routes; all seamlessly integrated into the host warehouse management system (WMS). 

In addition, the Dematic Auto Bagging Solution can also be configured to help speed up the returns process. 

Dematic Auto Bagging Solution is suitable for end-ofline applications for automated Goods-To-Person (GTP) picking processes and can be the first step into warehouse automation. 

Key Benefits:

  • Reduces operator costs
  • Reduces handling 
  • Reduces shipping costs 
  • Reduces packing 
  • Reduces the requirement for manual packing 

Individual lines have a capacity up to 1,320 packages per hour (22/minute) outbound, or for returns up to 25 packages per minute, both subject to the individual configurations of the solution.


Operating through a single interface with your WMS, Dematic provides a turnkey solution, an all in one automated process. Delivery notes are scanned whilst picked items are manually placed on the feed belt as a consolidated order, measured for optimal pack size and then enveloped by a plastic sheet and the material cut and sealed to size. 

This enables omni-channel businesses to reduce operating costs, upgrade customer services through later cut-offs for next-day delivery, and reduce shipping costs by optimally tailoring pack sizes. 

Order accuracy and customer satisfaction are assured with the Dematic Auto Bagging Solution Integration Software. Orders are tracked through the system and sent with or without despatch notes, then verified against the despatch label, to further ensure that the right order is delivered to the right customer. 


The average return rate for some eCommerce businesses is above 30% and some experience even higher. Returns, have to be made available for resale as quickly as possible. A popular item may be flying off the shelves, but if it only has a brief season and the stock is stuck in a return cycle, sales are being lost and valuable time wasted. The Dematic Auto Bagging Solution helps to automate this process with the object of reducing costs and time and thus resulting in an increase in sales and profitability.