Storage & Retrieval Systems:


Ultra High-Density Storage and Buffering for Goods-to-Person Piece Picking

We live in an exciting and constantly changing reality. It is undeniable that technological evolution has affected the way we live, work, and consume. And in this context, our needs have changed as well as our demands. We want everything, and we want it now.

So welcome to the immediacy era. Consciously or not, consumers expect to get the products or services they want in the shortest time possible. That is why transforming our logistics operations is a key factor in adapting to the reality of a faster and more demanding market.

AutoStore is an ultra high-density storage and buffering system for Goods-to-Person piece picking that increases the efficiency of unit picking with maximum flexibility and scalability.

Being efficient in a matter of time, space, resources, and energy is possible. AutoStore offers you a new approach to storage that goes beyond what you have known so far. And you don't have to wait until tomorrow to access this technology.

The future is today. Are you willing to be part of it?

Warehouse Space Optimization

AutoStore optimizes storage density to its maximum capacity, allowing four times the inventory in the same space with respect to conventional storage systems and double other automated systems.

Grow with Your Business

AutoStore provides great flexibility and adaption to your business needs, allowing you to easily increase performance by adding more robots, increasing storage locations, or adding new workstations — all without stopping the operation of the system.

Highest Security

The ultra-compact design of AutoStore minimizes stock losses by allowing products to be stored with total security, inaccessible until an order is launched. System security can be further increased with third-party encryption or fingerprint scanners.

Energy Efficient

AutoStore robots are highly efficient — the energy consumed by 10 robots equivalent to a single conventional vacuum cleaner. In addition, the robots have energy regeneration and opportunity charging systems.


AutoStore is ideal to handle small items. The outer size of the bins is 649 x 449 mm with three height options: 220, 330, or 425mm. The maximum inventory weight per container is 30 kg and these can be divided into 32 divisions.

Very often, systems are used for order preparation in distribution centers, but they can also be found in industrial environments.

The most common market sectors include:

  • Internet retailers
  • Apparel
  • Sporting goods
  • Electronic component distribution
  • Industrial supplies
  • Aftermarket parts
  • Healthcare
  • Pharma
  • Personal care

Characteristics of Operational Environments

  • High number of SKUs (many thousands vs hundreds)
  • Split case items
  • Small piece sizes, small cases
  • Small order size (1−12 lines per order)
  • Low/mid velocity SKU storage and picking
  • High-value merchandise
  • Goods-to-person attributes positively impact operations
  • Limited warehouse space
  • Need for compact footprint and high storage density
  • Oddly shaped facilities not suitable for traditional mini-load or multishuttle
  • Accommodate expected volume increases and SKU growth
  • Ability to modify system during ongoing operations
  • Need for use as a reusable asset (ability to relocate system to new site if needed)

Two AutoStore Systems to Choose from Depending on the Required Throughput

Red line

AutoStore Red Line

Red Line is the award-winning flagship modules for most users and applications. It is extremely versatile and reliable and designed for low-to-mid throughput systems.

The Red Line features the R5 Robot with its canopy design, opportunity charging, precision driving with track-sensors that recalibrate for every cell, and wireless control.

The Red Line features three workstation ports:

  • The CarouselPort, a tri-armed high-speed port designed to operate in harmony with the robots to ensure it is always full of ready bins.
  • The ConveyorPort, a simple conveyor belt to move the bins to the operators.
  • The SwingPort, a rotating arm that presents one bin to the operator. while a second bin is positioned waiting on the opposite end of the arm.
Black line

AutoStore Black Line

Black Line the innovative new design and technology that delivers extra performance. It is designed for high throughput systems.

The Black Line features the new B1 Robot, a slimmed down, lighter robot with a Cavity design. The B1 is packed with the latest innovations including exchangeable BattPack™ Lithium-ion battery technology and Direct Drive Wheels.

The Black Line features the RelayPort workstation, a modular workstation with a picking module and three to six buffer modules to support a high capacity and provide more flexibility.

Additionally, a bin with a higher storage height can be incorporated for specific applications.

In modular AutoStore fashion, Black Line and Red Line modules can be integrated — system designs can be refined with both lines working together.