Sortation Systems:

Linear Sorters

Throughput Rates up to 24,000 Items per Hour

Dematic Sliding-Shoe Linear Sorters offer the highest sort rates at the lowest speeds — throughput rates between 9,000 and 24,000 items per hour. These systems are built for maximum performance and long service life with quiet and reliable operation.

Dematic Sliding-Shoe Linear Sorters can handle a wide product range from packages as small as 150 millimetres long and weighing as little as 50 grams, up to packages over one meter long and weighing up to 50 kilograms.

Benefits of Dematic Sliding-Shoe Linear Sortation Systems

  • High Throughput at Low Speeds Extends Equipment Life: Dematic patented parallel divert technology and controls space packages closely together for exceptionally high throughputs even at lower speeds.
  • Easy Maintenance Reduces Downtime: Dematic Sliding-Shoe Linear Sorters feature a quiet and energy-efficient linear induction drive — a big advantage over the mechanical end drives and oily chain loops in other sliding-shoe sorters. Patented Quick-Release Slats allow removal and replacement of slats in seconds to keep maintenance fast and easy.
  • Designed for Future Growth: The bi-directional sort option and parallel discharge option minimize the distance between consecutive chutes, reducing the overall footprint and allowing reconfiguration of divert points.
  • Minimal Energy Consumption: Smart controls automatically adjust speeds depending on the volume of packages. For high-rates with demand variations, this patented feature saves energy and reduces equipment wear.

Typical Solution Applications

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FlexSort™ SL2 Sliding Shoe Sorter

FlexSort SL2 is the next generation sliding shoe sorter that incorporates many new design features for improved performance, ease of maintenance, and reduced cost of ownership.

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