Sortation Systems:

Divert Systems

Sortation Rates of 5 to 80 Cases per Minute

Dematic Divert Systems are designed for lower-volume sorting and zone routing applications. They provide a practical and cost-effective option to deliver up to 4,800 cartons per hour to a limited number of destinations.

Dematic Divert Systems include steerable wheel diverts, right angle transfers, positive belt diverters, and strip belt sorters.

Benefits of Dematic Divert Systems

  • Diverts for Any Application: Dematic divert technology efficiently and accurately handles of a wide range of package types and sizes. These technologies include steerable wheel diverts, positive belt diverts, and narrow belt sorters.
  • Easy Maintenance: Dematic Divert Systems provide dependable operation and easy maintenance to minimise downtime.
  • Flexible and Scalable: Modular design allows divert units to be incorporated into any Dematic case and tote conveyor system. Divert units can be easily replaced with different divert mechanisms as needed.
  • Minimal Energy Consumption: Dematic Divert Systems provide peak performance with fewer drives, minimising your initial investment as well as ongoing energy costs.

Typical Solution Applications

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