Circular Sorters:

Split Tray Sorters

For Difficult-to-Handle Items in Space-Challenged Facilities

Dematic Split Tray Sorters automate labour-intensive tasks such as processing orders of soft, unstable items that would jam or topple traditional sorters.

Dematic Split Tray Sorters transport goods safely and gently to their destinations, regardless of their shape, size, or surface characteristics.

Benefits of Split Tray Sortation Systems

  • Compact Design: The compact design and ability to change elevation saves valuable floor space and allows Dematic Split Tray Sorters to fit into small areas. These sorters therefore become an option for quick delivers in expensive urban areas.
  • Reduced Labour Costs: Dematic Split Tray Sorters discharge directly into the shipping containers, eliminating the need for manual pack stations, reducing labour requirements, and improving shipment accuracy.
  • Exceptional Product Handling: Dematic Split Tray Sorters handle amorphous items (floppy, top-heavy, odd shapes) without the need for manual intervention.

Typical Solution Applications

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