Order Fulfillment Systems for Business-to-Business Distribution Centers

Dematic recognizes the wide variations in business-to-business (B2B) commerce. A distribution centre that supplies components to electronics manufacturers differs greatly from a university research library implementing a document management system.

But whatever the application, Dematic works with you to deliver the right solution for your specific area of the Wholesales/B2B industry.

Wholesales/B2B Trends

  • E-Commerce companies becoming competitors by entering traditional B2B markets such as maintenance, safety, and operational supply
  • Fluctuations in demand creating issues with maintaining optimal inventory levels throughout the supply chain
  • Evolving logistics with distributors and manufacturers
  • Difficulty finding educated labour resources with technical knowledge of the market
  • Expansion raising transportation costs
  • Increasing diversity in product offerings
Wholesale B2B Challenges

How Dematic Can Help

Dematic solutions address the specific business and technology challenges for the Wholesales/B2B industry such as support for large numbers of stock keeping units, seasonal/promotional peaks in volume, extensive inventory storage capacity, large percentage of single line orders, same day/next day shipping, and efficient returns processing.

Dematic Wholesales/B2B industry solutions include:

  • Advanced software to optimise order fulfilment and provide insights into the operation
  • Flexibility for seasonal & promotional peaks and changing order profiles
  • Faster and more efficient processing of returns — even with growing numbers of SKUs
  • Efficient processing of smaller and more complex orders
  • Automation that reduces dependency on warehouse labor
  • Software and controls to maintain optimal inventory levels throughout supply chain
Case Study

Werner Electric

Werner Electric implemented an automated, multichannel distribution centre that can fill thousands of orders each day. In addition, the new DC is scalable and can accommodate surges in demand as well as future growth.

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Case Study


The Challenge:
AcuSport's Midwest distribution centre faced strong challenges in response to recent growth. They partnered with Dematic to develop an automated order fulfilment solution to maximise the use of space, optimise the picking process, and provide controlled access to inventory.

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Typical Wholesales/B2B Solutions

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Case & Tote Transport

Modular Conveyors That Meet Fast and Reliable Transportation Needs


The Direct Connection Between Inbound Freight and Outbound Orders

Eaches Transport

A Better Way to Move Individual Items for Omni-Channel Fulfillment

Pallet Transport

Reliable Conveyors, AGVs, and Monorails


The First Step in Improving Efficiency

Dematic iQ Overview

Performance Optimising Software

Pallet Storage

A Smarter Way to Optimise Storage Space

Tote (Carton) Storage

Save Labour Costs, Increase Speed and Accuracy


AutoStore™ is an ultra high-density storage & buffering system for goods-to-person piece picking that increases the efficiency. Contact us today!

Automated Mixed Case Order Fulfilment

Rapid Fulfilment of Store-Ready Mixed Case Orders

Case Picking to Conveyor

Reducing Cost per Case — One Case at a Time

Case Picking to Pallet

Hands-Free Directed Picking Improves Speed and Accuracy

Dynamic Pick Face Picking

Combine High-Density Storage with Operator-Friendly Ergonomics

Layer Order Fulfilment

Automated Fulfilment of Rainbow Pallets for a Wide Range of Packaging Types and Shapes

Batch to Putwall Picking

Waveless Fulfillment for E-Commerce and Omni-Channel Orders

Goods-to-Person Picking

Dematic goods-to-person picking solutions deliver items directly to pick stations & ensure peak operator performance throughout their entire shift. Contact us today!

Goods-to-Robot Picking

The Ultimate in Automated Split Case Picking


Efficient Packing, Value-Added Services


Fast and Accurate Shipping with Real-Time Visibility