A Fresh Approach to Grocery Order Fulfilment

The need for store-friendly and aisle-ready deliveries from the distribution centre — along with growing demand for on-demand delivery and click-and-collect pick up — is creating the business case for more productivity and efficiency through automation.

Dematic solutions empower grocers — from mega superstores to regional chains — to manage online order fulfilment in a sustainable way by increasing profitability, capturing consumer data, and maintaining ownership of the consumer shopping experience. Because we offer modular and scalable systems, you can be assured your Dematic solution will evolve to meet ever-changing consumer demands.

Grocery Industry Trends

  • Labour issues such as scarcity and high turnover add costs throughout the supply chain
  • Consumers relying on third-party, on-demand providers to fulfill delivery needs
  • Customers demanding omni-channel/multichannel convenience, pre-ordering by desktop or mobile device for home delivery or curbside pickup
  • Consumers continuing to become more savvy shoppers as they look to save money by eating at home
  • Competition is increasing from multiple sides, non-traditional players selling groceries — Internet retailers, dollar stores, drug stores
  • SKU proliferation — varieties of existing products as well as new products continue to grow and grow
  • Big grocers getting bigger
Grocery Challenges

How Dematic Can Help

Dematic solutions support the full range of grocery products, including dry goods, fresh, frozen, beverages, pharmacy items, and general merchandise. Like Grocery retailers, Dematic is in a constant state of refinement looking for the most efficient solutions. 

Dematic Grocery industry solutions include:

  • Automation that addresses labour issues such as scarcity and high turnover that add costs throughout the supply chain
  • Omni-channel/multichannel convenience, pre-ordering by desktop or mobile device for home delivery or curbside pickup
  • Micro-fulfilment options to fill e-Commerce orders
  • Ability to keep pace with the rapid increase in the number of new products and packaging options
  • Flexibility to solve challenges of an grocery operation, including supermarket, limited/fresh format, convenience store, and wholesale/food service
  • Configurations for specific categories such as protein, dairy, produce, dry goods, soft drinks, beer, wine, and spirits
  • High-density pallet storage systems that reduce building footprint size and costs in new and existing buildings
  • Reverse route truck loading
  • Mixed case palletising, piece picking, case picking, and layer picking
  • Options for temperature-controlled environments such as coolers and freezers
  • Traceability controls and software to comply with product tracking regulations

7 Secrets to a Future-Forward Omni-Channel Fulfilment Strategy

Micro-fulfilment is the retail answer to modern consumer demands — helping brands maintain control of the shopping experience, retain critical customer data, and make rapid order fulfilment profitable. Download this playbook to learn the essential components of a micro-fulfilment strategy.

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Case Study


The Challenge:
Safeway, one of the largest, most innovative retail grocery companies in North America, needed to consolidate operations, reduce labour costs, and improve order accuracy at a key distribution centre in the Pacific Northwest.

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