Supplier Diversity

At Dematic, we believe our supply chain is an extension of our company and plays an essential role in the products and services we provide. Diversity in the supply chain is critical to strengthen the contributions our suppliers make as we strive to better serve our customers and positively impact the community. Ensuring the inclusion of diverse suppliers fits within our strategic priorities and is an important step toward achieving our company’s goals and living our values.

Supplier Diversity at Dematic

Dematic is committed to supplier diversity by maximizing procurement opportunities and proactively engaging and building partnerships with diverse suppliers. By incorporating diverse business into our supply chain, we gain access to innovative, responsive and cost-competitive solutions for our customers.

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The Value of Diversity


President, Dematic, KION Group Executive Board Member

As a global leader, Dematic recognizes that having a diverse supplier pool is a major competitive advantage and a powerful business tool. It’s well documented that diverse companies and business performance go hand in hand.


Senior Vice President, Procurement

Diversity is a value-enhancer; better solutions for our customers with stronger execution. And diversity comprehends its many shapes and forms including supplier diversity.


Head of Supplier Diversity

The real value of having a diverse supply chain is it’s a long-term measure of sustainability. In this space we are not competitors, we are allies. By working together, we grow, develop, and advocate for diverse businesses and build communities. Dematic has the opportunity to create real change and have an economic impact glocally.


Our Vision

Delivering competitive and sustainable supply chain solutions that create economic impact within small and diverse business communities as we keep the world moving

Our Mission

Dematic’s supplier diversity mission is to LEAD the way in inclusive sourcing to help Dematic achieve its corporate growth objectives. We will do this through...

  • Leadership: As Procurement is growing with purpose and executing with excellence having a supplier diversity function that is aligned with our strategic priorities is imperative.
  • Engagement: Building, developing and growing meaningful partnerships with internal stakeholders and advocacy groups.
  • Accountability: holding ourselves and suppliers accountable.
  • Delivery: Identifying “real” opportunities to purchase goods and services from certified small businesses and diverse enterprises owned by minorities, women, veterans, members of the lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender (LGBT) community, and disabled persons.



Better Products

Diversity in R&D, design, and implementation results in innovation through the introduction of stronger products, services, and solutions.

Stronger Economic Impact

Supplier diversity benefit underrepresented businesses and uplifts the communities where those businesses are located through job creation, increased wages, and tax revenue.


We assist with guaranteeing that certified small businesses and diverse firms have the assets and access they need to effectively vie for our business.


Diverse Classifications

  • A business enterprise that is at least 51% owned & operated by a minority individual or group(s) or
  • A publicly owned business, at least 51% of the stock of which is owned by one or more minority groups
  • Includes, but is not limited to African Americans, Hispanic Americans, Native Americans, and Asian/Asian Pacific Americans
  • A business enterprise that is at least 51% owned, controlled & operated by a veteran or service-disabled veterans individual or group(s) or
  • A publicly owned business, at least 51% of the stock of which is owned by one or more service-disabled veteran(s) and
  • Military service disability is determined by the US Department of Veteran Affairs

Refer to the Small Business Administration’s, “What is a Small Business” website at for help in determining what constitutes a small business concern. If you are considered a small, disadvantaged, woman owned, veteran, service-disabled veteran or HUB Zone business and are not registered with the SBA Pro-Net database, please visit the SBA Central Contractor Registration (CCR) site at to self-register. Registration is requested in order for us to identify your company within our subcontracting database and to be certified by the SBA criteria.

  • A business that is at least 51% controlled, owned & operated by a woman or women or
  • A publicly owned business, at least 51% of the stock of which is owned by one or more women
  • A business that is at least 51% owned, operated, managed, and controlled by an LGBT person or persons who are either U.S. citizens or lawful permanent residents
  • Exercises independence from any non-LGBT business enterprise
  • Has been formed as a legal entity in the United States

Disability-owned Business Enterprise, commonly referred to as an DOBE, is an independent business which is 51% owned, controlled, operated, and managed by a person(s) with a disability. For more information about DOBE certification, visit the Disability:IN website at

Becoming a Dematic Diverse Supplier

Are you Certified? If not, Get Certified. Explore obtaining a diverse certification with a recognized agency. The following national certifying organizations are recognized by Dematic and are utilized to further our supplier inclusion goals and develop diverse supplier relationships.

National Minority Supplier Development Council (NMSDC)
Women’s Business Enterprise National Council (WBENC)

Other Certifying Groups

National LGBT Chamber of Commerce (NGLCC)
National Veteran Business Development Council (NVBDC)
National Veteran-Owned Business Association (NaVOBA)
WEConnect International

What You Need To Know

A diverse supplier is defined as a U.S. privately held company that is 51% owned, managed and controlled by a woman, minority, veteran, disabled veteran, person with a disability or a member of the LGBTQ+ community.

To drive the credibility of a supplier inclusion program, we strongly recommend our suppliers receive a diversity certification to validate its standing as diverse owned. If you are not a certified diverse-owned business today and you meet the qualifications outlined, you can begin the certification process with one of the agencies listed.

Certifications Accepted


All Suppliers to be Certified Through The Below Certifying Bodies

Upcoming Events

June 6, 2022 – June 9, 2022

WBENC National Conference

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