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RapidStore Unit Load ASRS

Heavy Duty, Unit Load ASRS

Combining innovative engineering and manufacturing techniques, Dematic’s Pallet Automated Storage & Retrieval System (ASRS) addresses the need for the fast, safe, efficient and affordable handling of pallets.

Fast, safe, efficient, and affordable pallet storage and handling

Utilising Dematic’s RapidStore UL 1200 crane, this Pallet ASRS delivers high-speed handling of loads up to 1,200 kg, in warehouses up to 30 metres in height. Its single mast design means a lightweight machine which in turn allows faster acceleration and higher operational speed.
The result is safe and secure operation, 24/7, resulting in reliable performance and an impressive return on investment. And it is backed by Dematic’s unrivalled integration experience, local software development, and comprehensive service and support network.

Benefits of Dematic Pallet ASRS

  • Higher storage density and immediate access to every pallet due to narrower aisles
  • Compared to conventional storage systems a smaller building footprint resulting in lower land and building costs
  • ASRS is operator free resulting in lower labour costs and addressing the problem of labour availability
  • Enhanced safety through sensor points checking pallet stability, dimensions and weight, along with catching devices and hydraulic buffers
  • Cost savings through highly-resilient design and the elimination of product damage
  • Fast Return on Investment from ASRS’ 24/7 operation
  • Faster cycle times than conventional narrow aisle turret trucks
  • Automatic pallet positioning of loads means product and rack damage are eliminated and accuracy is enhanced
  • Energy savings as cranes are designed with low energy consumption and line regeneration techniques in mind
  • Machine controls interface directly with location control software ensuring management information in real time
Dematic RapidStore ASRS

Dematic RapidStore ASRS

Dematic RapidStore solutions are an impressive addition to modern materials handling systems. Automatically receiving, putting away and retrieving your stock means the link between bulk reserve storage and online buffer storage is fast, efficient and cost effective.

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