Piece Picking:

Dynamic Pick Face Picking

Combine High-Density Storage with Operator-Friendly Ergonomics

Dematic Dynamic Pick Face solutions feature high-density vertical storage that automatically delivers items to operators at pick face locations. Operators can then comfortably and efficiently pick orders with minimal need to travel, ensuring higher productivity and rapid order fulfilment.

Dematic iQ software controls the process for bringing items to the operators, including dynamically making changes based on order demands.

Dynamic Pick Face solutions offer fast, accurate, and efficient order fulfilment in a fraction of space required by conventional methods. These solutions are ideal for mixed case or piece pick order fulfilment of slower-moving SKUs. 

How Dynamic Pick Face Picking Works

  1. Items are stored within a mini-load AS/RS in trays, pans, or totes.
  2. Storage Retrieval Machines (SRMs) deliver items required by orders to designated pick face locations.
  3. Voice commands direct operators to pick the required items.
  4. Pick face locations are dynamically re-slotted based on order demands.

Dematic Products for Dynamic Pick Face Picking

  • Picking Systems: A complete selection of picking solutions: Pick-to-voice, pick-to-light, put-to-light, pick carts, pick trolleys, and put walls.
  • Mini-Load AS/RS: Highly flexible, energy-efficient storage and retrieval systems.
  • Software: Dematic iQ Optimise software is a Warehouse Execution System that optimises labour, equipment, and processes. Dematic InSights software unifies all operational, maintenance, and equipment data within and across facilities.
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