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Case Picking to Conveyor

Reducing Cost per Case — One Case at a Time

A Case Picking to Conveyor solution from Dematic employs innovative waveless technology to guide operators by voice commands or lights.

Operators dynamically fill orders based on actual real-time conditions, ensuring accuracy and reducing fulfilment time from hours to minutes. Picks are made from pallets and/or case-flow racks in high-density, multi-level pick modules, making best use of available space in ambient or temperature-controlled zones.

This Case Picking to Conveyor solution is best suited for space-constrained operations that handle high case volumes across a large number of SKUs.

How Case Picking to Conveyor Works

  1. Voice, labels, or lights director operators to pick all cases required for a batch of orders within a specific pick module.
  2. Operators make the picks, placing each case on the outbound conveyor.
  3. The conveyor transports and merges cases from various pick modules and sorts them to individual shipping lanes based on order requirements.
Case Picking to Conveyor

Dematic Products for Case Picking to Conveyor Solutions

  • Case & Tote Conveyors: Integrated package conveyor technology designed to provide flexible transport solutions.
  • Pick-to-Light, Put-to-Light: Maximize order picking productivity — boost accuracy and productivity.
  • Pick-to-Voice: Hands free picking increases productivity, accuracy, and flexibility.
  • Sortation Systems: Designed for diverse product handling and high throughput.
  • Software: Dematic iQ Optimise software is a Warehouse Execution System that optimises labour, equipment, and processes. Dematic InSights software unifies all operational, maintenance, and equipment data within and across facilities.
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