Dematic SubSuite 2.0

Controlling Sub-Systems without Middleware

Solution to support bi-directional communication between SAP and sub-systems

The Dematic Sub-Suite meets the needs of many users who want a simple and efficient solution to connect their subsystems, such as Pick-by-Voice, Pick-by-Light or PLC control systems.

The material flow component of Dematic Sub-Suite offers a pure SAP solution in which the functionality of a material flow system is shown completely in SAP LES. This allows adjustments to be made to the software at any time by the customer in SAP.

The device-related connection is carried out by a controller in the cabinet. The Dematic Subdriver translates SAP XMII and RFC communication into TCP/IP socket communication understandable by PLCs. Data exchange takes place via messages.

The advantage of this solution is that the middleware is completely eliminated and complications from the use of different software systems are avoided. The result is cost effective, streamlined and practical solutions, especially for modernisations in which old procedures will be replaced by a SAP-based solution.

Dematic Subdriver

Benefits of Dematic SubSuite

Cost savings due to elimination of:

  • Hardware for hosts and middleware
  • Licenses for database and operating system
  • Paid updates
  • Maintenance costs for hardware and software
  • Additional implementation effort

Independence of middleware software vendor:

  • Using open source in SAP ABAP
  • Service and expansion by SAP in-house department
  • Simple and low spare part management

Rapid implementation: 

  • The implementation time for a Sub-Suite solution is just a few days.

Dematic SubSuite Integration

Dematic SubSuite

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