Leading European Electronics Producer Chooses Autostore Solution Powered By Dematic

Dematic has implemented an AutoStore solution for a leading Italian high-end electronic equipment manufacturer.

In order to centralise production and logistics operations, the company decided to build a new production headquarters. The innovative facility is spread across three levels at a total height of over 15 metres.

AutoStore Powered by Dematic

A customised solution: AutoStore

The challenge for Dematic was to find a picking and storage solution capable of connecting the plant’s various departments, optimising the available space in the best possible way to maximise storage capacity, while delivering high speed, productivity and accuracy. At the centre of the new production plant operations, the Autostore system proposed by Dematic manages raw materials, semi-finished products, and finished products ready for end customers.

The Autostore engine is an innovative modular system for high density storage and picking that allows reduced space requirements and floorspace. The total system stores 13,200 totes. Fifteen robots run across the top of a storage grid, picking out and delivering containers of product to operators at six workstations at a rate up to 235 containers per hour.

The AutoStore automatic warehouse has been integrated with a conveyor system and four elevators that allow the flow of the standard Autostore totes thoughout all three levels of the facility.

The AutoStore system is located on the basement level, with the manual loading and despatch operations taking place above, on the second floor. The complete system is integrated into the customer’s host system with Dematic iQ software.

The Autostore system maximises storage capacity in the existing building and delivers high speed, productivity and accuracy.

Features of the Dematic AutoStore System:

  • 12 storage levels
  • 13,200 tote containers
  • 15 AutoStore robots
  • 6 Goods-to-Person (GTP) picking stationsBattery recharging system
  • 8 transfer ports (for connection to the conveyor / elevator system)
  • Dematic conveyor system with 4 elevators
  • Dematic iQSoftware
  • 235 containers / hour performance

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