Dematic Micro-Fulfilment System to Support Same Day Delivery

SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA – May 28, 2019 — Dematic, a leading global supplier of integrated automated technology, software and services to optimise the supply chain, has announced the launch of its Micro-Fulfilment System, a rapid response e-commerce order assembly system for retailers that need to support same day home delivery, as well as click-and-collect.

Dematic Micro-Fulfilment

The Dematic Micro-Fulfilment system is an ultra-local distribution solution that enables orders to be assembled quickly in a location close to the customer, inside a retail store or in an urban / suburban DC (distribution centre). The order assembly system is designed around process improvements and comprised of performance optimising software and automation.

“Dematic Micro-Fulfilment is a high-performance solution that makes rapid response order assembly cost effective for the customer and the retailer,” said Pas Tomasiello, Senior Director Integrated Systems Group ANZ, Dematic. “In operation, the automated order assembly solution provides compelling results by minimising the time, space, and cost to fill orders.”

The system accommodates a wide range of inventory in a compact, high-density layout that requires a small footprint. It significantly reduces the cost per order picked to a level that allows retailers to offer rapid response e-fulfilment at a price point attractive to their customers, and with the appropriate margin for retailers.

“Dematic Micro-Fulfilment is well suited to retailers and wholesalers in grocery, apparel, consumer electronics, sports equipment, auto parts and industrial supplies, and department stores that are repurposing retail store space,” said Tomasiello. “The Micro-Fulfiment system allows customers to pick up their orders at the closest retail store or service centre, as well as receive it using a delivery service to their home. While grocery retailers may offer in-store smart storage lockers and drive-thru lanes for customer pick-up.”

Dematic Micro-Fulfilment is a modular, standardised, pre-engineered system that provides consistent and predictable order picking performance. It is designed around the goods-to-person principle. Instead of walking up and down the shopping aisles of the typical retail store, items are picked efficiently and cost effectively using ergonomic workstations. Automated shuttles retrieve the stock keeping units and bring the goods to the worker.

“The system is configurable so that it can accommodate the SKU capacity and order volume required by the retailer,” added Tomasiello. “There are also options available for temperature-controlled storage as well as strategic location management, food safety, and inventory separation so the system can cater to retailers’ specific requirements.”

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