Beverage Route Delivery System

The Beverage Route Delivery System uses configurable software that can be tailored to accommodate the process variations of any beverage distributor. Associates use pallet trucks or fork trucks for travel to the case pick locations. The order pallet is built as the associates travel to each location and select cases. 

The associates are equipped with a wearable voice computer that gives verbal instructions including location and case pick quantity. Using the scanner connected to the wearable computer ensures the accuracy of each pick. At the pick location, the associate removes the case(s) stored on the pallet, flow rack, or pallet rack, and transfers onto the pallet truck. 

This solution is paperless. And with no paper pick list, the associate’s hands are free to pick while their eyes are focused on the task of case picking and operating a fork truck safely. The infrastructure includes the software, wearable voice devices with scanner, headsets, and batteries. 

The delivery strategy and case volume of the beverage distributor determines the operating mode of the system. Some beverage distributors may incorporate a layer pick line, and then pass partial pallets for ‘top off’ by case picking associates in other areas. Direct picking, checking, labeling and loading by a single operator ensures minimal “touches’ and minimizes staging.

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