Integrated ASRS, AGV and monorail systems lift logistics performance

Gudang Garam, Indonesia

Gudang Garam

Gudang Garam, founded in 1958, is the largest kretek clove cigarette manufacturer in Indonesia. It produces a wide range of kretek cigarettes including low-tar, low-nicotine variants and traditional hand-rolled kretek, at its main production centres in the towns of Kediri and Gempol in East Java.

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The Challenge

In recent years Gudang Garam has been steadily increasing production at its manufacturing facilities with the storage requirements for both raw materials and finished goods rising accordingly. With limited space at its manufacturing and distribution centre at Gempol, Gudang Garam began investigating automated logistics solutions to minimise the area required for storage and to eliminate manual handling between the site’s production and warehouse areas. Gudang Garam turned to Dematic to design and implement a solution based on its extensive integrated logistics systems experience and proven track record in automated systems.

Monorail pallet transportation at Gudang Garam

Integrated ASRS, AGV and Monorail system solution 

Dematic responded swiftly to Gudang Garam’s requirements with an impressive integrated materials handling solution incorporating an Automated Storage and Retrieval System (ASRS) in the high-bay warehouse, an overhead Eisenmann electrified monorail interlink between the warehouse and production, and a network of pallet conveyors, inter-floor pallet lifters and Dematic Automated Guided Vehicles (AGVs) to transport pallets to and from the production lines in the manufacturing facility. 

The high-bay warehouse is over 35 m tall and provides the capacity to store more than 10,000 pallets. The warehouse is serviced by four Dematic RapidStore Storage and Retrieval Machines (SRMs), with the system configured to service both single-deep and double-deep locations to maximise storage density. 

Pallets are handled outside the highbay rack area by an automated infeed/ outfeed pallet handling system, which comprises an integrated pallet conveying system, seven overhead monorail carriers, eight AGV circuits and five inter-floor pallet lifters. 

Dematic AGV at Gudang Garam

The AGVs utilise a combination of laser positioning sensors and radio frequency (RF) communication systems, negating the need for a guide wire path to be embedded in the floor, which significantly reducing the time required for system installation and commissioning. 

Dematic iQ’s Warehouse Control System (WCS) manages material flow, inventory and storage locations, and provides real-time pallet transaction instructions to the automated equipment. 

An overhead link bridge equipped with a single monorail circuit connects the highbay warehouse and production facility, which are separated by a street. This enables the seamless transportation of raw materials from the warehouse to the production area, and the return of finished goods for storage and despatch. 

Pallet Storage 

Pallets of raw materials are received and checked at the receiving dock before being deposited on pallet in-feed conveyors by fork trucks. The pallets are then automatically conveyed to the SRM pick-up position for put-away in the ASRS until required for production, with their storage location recorded by Dematic’s WCS. 

In the production area, pallets of finished goods are picked up from workstations by the AGVs and deposited on a pallet infeed conveyor. They are then routed through inter-floor pallet lifters on the first and second floors, and the monorail transport system across the overhead link bridge, to the ASRS. Any rejected pallets are routed to an adjacent conveyor AGV output for QA checking. 

Dematic ASRS at Gudang Garam

Pallet Retrieval 

The SRMs place retrieved pallets at a dropoff location on outfeed conveyors at the end of the SRM aisles. The pallets are then transported to the receiving dock through an inter-floor pallet lifter to an output conveyor station, for pick-up by forklift trucks.

The production area follows the same procedure, except pallets are transported via the conveyor and monorail transport systems across the overhead link bridge to the production area, and are then routed through inter-floor pallet lifters and AGVs to their final workstation destinations. 

Repeat orders for proven Dematic ASRS solution 

The successful implementation of the integrated logistics systems at Gempol led Gudang Garam to award two subsequent projects to Dematic. Two new air-conditioned warehouses at Gempol and Kediri have been equipped with 31 m high Dematic RapidStore double-deep ASRS, each equipped with seven SRMs and housing 54,000 and 31,000 pallets respectively. 

Gudang Garam

Consistent approach, lower risk

Both of the new ASRS solutions use the same SRMs and pallet conveying system as the first system at Gempol, simplifying ongoing maintenance and spare parts requirements. They are also controlled by the Dematic iQ WCS, with similar operating procedures.

Key Benefits

  • Increased storage capacity with high-density pallet storage and retrieval
  • High throughput capacity and responsiveness
  • Inventory accuracy and traceability
  • Improved productivity
  • Rugged and reliable pallet handling equipment for maximum uptime
  • Proven and supportable software
  • An integrated logistics solution with single source accountability for total system support

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