AUGUST, 2020

Increasing Resilience in Asia Pacific Meat & Poultry Operations through Automation

The meat and poultry sector is rapidly evolving in Asia Pacific, with demand constantly expanding to meet the changing dietary requirements of an increasingly wealthier population. In this article, Soeren Schauki and Philip Makowski discuss the current challenges for meat and poultry operations in the region.

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Dematic’s Manufacturing and Warehousing Facility Exceeds 1,000 Days Lost Time Injury Free

Dematic recently reached the milestone of surpassing 1,000 days lost time injury (LTI) free at its own Belrose manufacturing and warehousing facility. This means that the facility has seen no time lost to injury in more than 1,000 days.

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The Robots Are here

In this interview, which originally appeared in Supply Chain Asia in April, Michael Jerogin, CEO Dematic APAC, looks at the latest trends in logistics automation, including the first two Robotic Picking systems in the region.

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APRIL 18, 2019

Now is the Time to Consider Robotic Solutions

Robots are not new to supply chain, with robotics already widely used to store, retrieve and transport cartons and pallets. But it seems we are entering a new era with full automation of the most complicated and labour-intensive task in the warehouse – piece picking – for which robotics have seen very limited use so far.

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APRIL 4, 2019

The Importance of Wi-Fi Management and Security in the Supply Chain

Cyber threats are at an all-time high. Any time data is created, there is risk involved. Wi-Fi management and security are crucial for the supply chain industry, especially as the dependency on mobile devices and automation grows. Without it you leave your systems open to risks that could cause you extended downtime or stolen data if you do have a security breach.

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MARCH 22, 2019

Compliance issues with second hand and re-configured pallet racking

Not all racks are made equal. This is an important thing to remember when looking to install pallet racking. This article explores some of the risks, as well as your safety obligations, when considering pallet racking for your warehouse.

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SEPTEMBER 29, 2017

Achieving Actionable Insights in the Distribution Centre

With the availability of big data in the warehouse, being able to identify which data will provide actionable insights is imperative to unlocking greater business potential. The good news is that companies have a powerful tool at their disposal - Operational Acuity™.

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AUGUST 14, 2017

The Future of Robotic Picking in Distribution

Dematic’s Director of Integrated Systems, Pas Tomasiello, discusses why it is becoming increasingly difficult to find people who want to work in a distribution centre, and how recent advances in technology are enabling robotic solutions which can automate the most labour-intensive, repetitive tasks in a typical DC.

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AUGUST 9, 2017

5 challenges facing F&B supply chain managers

The Food and Beverage (F&B) sectors in Australia and New Zealand are undergoing rapid change, with new trends and drivers creating substantial challenges for manufacturers. Here we look at the factors posing significant challenges to F&B manufacturing supply chains and logistics operations, and how they can be addressed.
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NOVEMBER 10, 2016

Capitalising on South East Asia’s growing demand for meat: Automation is key

South East Asia (SEA) is a key export market for Australian meat processors, and as both population and economic development continue to grow across the SEA region, it is expected that demand for Australia’s meat will grow too.
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MAY 30, 2016

If it’s not broken, fix it: Upgrade to avoid obsolescence of your materials handling system

All too often you will hear the phrase “if it’s not broken, don’t fix it”. While this approach is understandable for any business that does not want to impose unnecessary costs on itself, or disrupt its warehouse operations, it can be a risky and expensive approach.
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