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Dematic Solutions by Industry

Dematic is a global logistics solutions provider serving the following main industry sectors:


  • General Merchandise
  • Direct Distribution B2C
  • Wholesale B2B
  • Manufacturing
  • Document/Collections Mgmt.
  • Apparel
  • Food and Beverage
  • Grocery and Food Service
  • Third Party Logistics


We aim to be the leading supplier of advanced logistics automation solutions in each of these sectors, trying constantly to ensure that we understand the trends within the industries that we work. From this we aim to develop our technologies, logistics software and automation solutions in order to add maximum value for each of our customers.


Our motto is "Creating Logistics Results" - and to achieve this we work by meeting our customer's business needs, not just his specifications.

General Merchandise
Industries Served - General Merchandise
Serving stores quickly and efficiently. Sectors include department stores, furniture and homeware, electrical goods, do-it-yourself, discount products and general retailers.
Wholesale Distribution B2B
Industries Served - Wholesale Distribution B2B
Ensuring responsiveness and accuracy of order fulfillment. Sectors include office supplies, pharmaceuticals, components and spare parts, books and entertainment products.
Direct Distribution B2C
Dematic Direct Distribution Material Handling Solutions
Maximizing order fulfillment speed and accuracy while containing costs. Sectors include books, entertainment products, furniture and homeware, electrical goods and apparel.
Apparel Distribution
Apparel Material Handling Solutions
Fast order fulfillment to stores and consumers. Sectors include brand retailers, mail order and department stores handling boxed goods, flat pack, hanging garments and shoes.
Grocery and Food Service
Industries Served - Grocery and Food Service | Material Handling Solutions
Increasing efficiency, ensuring on-shelf availability in stores. Sectors include grocery retail and food wholesalers, handling dry goods, produce, chilled and frozen food.
Food & Beverage
Food and Beverage Material Handling Solutions
Maintaining freshness and meeting strict customer requirements. Sectors include meat, dairy, fruit and vegetables, frozen and fresh foods, bottling and breweries.
Manufacturing & Fin. Goods
Manufacturing Material Handling Solutions
Efficient storage and order fulfillment with tracking and tracing. Sectors include pharmaceuticals, building materials, spare parts, electronics, automotive and tobacco.
Third-Party Logistics
Third-Party Logistics Solutions
Helping the 3PL industry make a difference. Third party logistics suppliers work in all industries, adding value though operational experience, expertise and scale.
Document/Collections Mgmt.
Document and Collections Management Solutions
Dematic is the premier supplier of automated solutions for document and record retrieval within library, medical records, law enforcement, legal and military institution environments.