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Dematic Solutions by Function

Dematic is a global logistics solutions provider with solutions for the following warehouse and DC functions:


  • Storage Solutions
  • Conveying & Material Flow
  • Sortation & Put
  • Full Case Picking
  • Split Case Picking
  • Order Fulfillment
  • Warehouse Management & Control
  • SAP Solutions


We aim to be the leading supplier of logistics automation in each of these categories, trying constantly to ensure that we understand the trends within the industries that we work. From this we aim to develop our technologies, logistics software and automation solutions in order to add maximum value for each of our customers.


Our motto is "Creating Logistics Results" - and to achieve this we work by meeting our customer's business needs, not just his specifications.

Storage Solutions
Storage Solutions
Storage technology for buffering fast moving consumer goods, and for cartons, totes and hanging garments.
Conveying & Material Flow
Conveying and Material Flow Solutions
Conveying solutions to aid transport, buffering, and tracking of goods. Other functions can include checking, weighing, wrapping and sorting goods.
Sortation & Put
Sortation & Put Solutions
Sortation-based solutions for batch picking and cross docking.
Order Fulfillment
Order Fulfillment and Picking Systems and Solutions
Dematic Order Fulfillment and Picking Systems provide the strongest competitive advantages in the market by delivering fast, efficient and correct delivery.
Warehouse Management
Warehouse Management and Control Solutions (WMS, WCS)
DC Director WMS/WCS, material flow control, decision support, visualization and integration tools.