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 End-of-Processing-Line Palletising
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End-of-Processing-Line Palletizing

Designed to handle individual cartons or full pallet layers of goods

The high cost of labor and increasing safety regulations concerning manual handling makes a strong case for automated end-of-line palletizing.


Automated palletizing systems provide reliable, around the clock performance, and may be designed to handle individual cartons or full pallet layers of goods in higher throughput applications. Advances in product recognition technology including vision and profiling systems now enable robotic palletizers to handle mixed streams of goods and build pallets of mixed products.

Gantry/Portal Robots

Gantry or Portal Robots can increase speed and flexibility with access to larger areas and more pallets.


Articulated Robots

Articulated Robots further improve palletizing rates by offering even greater speed and flexibility of operation.


Dematic has many years of experience and know how  in integrating palletizing solutions for many industries as diverse as meat processing, confectionary, beverage, dairy, frozen food, paper manufacturing and retail. Our expertise in integration, controls and material flow ensures that your palletizing solutions is seamlessly integrated with case conveying and sortation, pallet transport and storage to deliver optimized flexibility, throughput, accuracy and reliability.