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MonaLisa Pouch Sortation

Distribute Hanging Items and Flat Goods Simultaneously

The Dematic MonaLisa Pouch System can help you get orders out the door easily, quickly, and efficiently. It can also help you process returns with minimum effort.

Solving Distribution & Returns Challenges

The MonaLisa combines storage, transport, and sorting functionality into a single automated hanging system for efficiently storing, staging, preparing, and shipping multi-line orders. With MonaLisa, you can offer your customers later order deadlines, permitting additional purchasing time. It is the ideal application for eCommerce, especially for fashion because of the easy combination of clothing, shoes, and accessories in one order.

Returns handling is simple and efficient with the MonaLisa. Rather than returning items to a pickface, you can place them directly into the MonaLisa Pouch for immediate availability. Touches are reduced and seasonal items, such as apparel, are ready for re-sale sooner.

Because the MonaLisa is an overhead system using vertical space that would otherwise be empty, you can reserve floor space for activities more valuable than storage.

Benefits of Pouch Sortation

  • Reduces touches and improves productivity
  • Reduces cycle time, allowing later order deadlines
  • Improves returns handling
  • Improves space utilization, reducing footprint and real-estate expenses
  • Improves product handling and minimizes damage to fragile and irregularly-shaped items not suited for traditional conveyors and sorters

Hanging Adapter Sortation System

The MonaLisa is a highly scalable automated overhead system, designed to buffer and sort both hanging and flat goods simultaneously. This flexibility makes it ideal to consolidate discrete elements of an order at a single packing station.

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