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Automated Garment on Hanger Storage

Automates Storage, Picking and Transport of Hanging Garments


Automated storage, picking and transport of hanging garments


  • Space-efficient, purpose-designed ASRS automates storage and picking of hanging garments
  • Minimal product handling minimizes product damage and soiling
  • No personnel required for storage and replenishment
  • Excellent use of cube for lower building and operating costs
  • Significantly reduces labor and costs
  • Ensures correct FIFO stock rotation
  • Improves inventory and shipping accuracy

Solution Description

  • Garments are loaded onto steel bars and stored in specially designed racks
  • Garments are automatically loaded/unloaded from front of ASRS
  • ASRS is linked to automated hanging garment picking sortation system
  • Turnkey project supply
  • Automated storage/picking systems for flat-pack garments also available.

Solution Components

  • Hanging garment rail ASRS
  • Hanging garment rail transport system
  • Hanging garment picking system
  • Hanging garment packing and shipping system
  • Dematic iQ