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Typical Solutions


Automated Mixed Case Palletizing (AMCAP)

The Ultimate in Automated Grocery Mixed Case Palletizing

RapidStore Mini Load

Automated Container Storage/Dynamic Replenishment

Maximum Capacity with Minimum Footprint

Multishuttle 2

Automated Mixed Case Order Fulfillment

Rapid Fulfillment of Mixed Case Orders


Automated Pallet Transport and/or Storage (AGV)

Flexible, Scaleable and Real-Time Pallet Transportation and Storage


Batch Pick to Putwall / Sorter

High Volume Piece Picking For Small to Medium Size Orders

Pick to Conveyor

Case Pick to Conveyor / Sorter

Reducing Your Cost per Case, One Case at a Time


Cross Docking

Fast, Accurate and Real-time Sortation of Inbound Goods

Split Case Picking

Directed Split-Case Picking

Accurate and Efficient Piece Picking

Garment on Hanger System

Garment on Hanger System

Sort, Transport, and Ship Garments on Hanger Fast

Goods to Person Piece Picking

Goods-to-Person Piece Picking

Maximize Picker Efficiency with Over 1,000 Picks per Hour

Pallet ASRS

High-Density Pallet ASRS

Optimized Storage and Throughput in Minimum Footprint

High-Volume Packing and Shipping

High-Volume Packing and Shipping System

Fast and Accurate Shipping with Real-Time Visibility

Pallet Conveyor

Layer Order Fulfillment

Layer Picking Made Easy

Pouch Sorter

Dematic Pouch Sortation System

Distribute Hanging Items and Flat Goods Simultaneously

Value Added Packing

Packing and Value Added Services

Efficient Packing and Value Added Services

Zone Routing

Piece Pick to Conveyor (Zone Route)

Accurate and Efficient Piece Picking

Receiving and Putaway

Receiving & Putaway

Real-Time Inventory Visibility



Fast, Accurate Shipping with Real-Time Visibility

Voice Directed Pick-to-Pallet

Voice Directed Pick-to-Pallet

Hands Free Case Picking Ensures Speed, Accuracy and Increased Safety


Dematic presented an innovative solution based on using Multishuttle as an automated order picking buffer, an attractive price/performance ratio and long-term investment security.

Logistics Manager,
Alloga AG