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Racking and Shelving

Quality Racks and Shelves with Value-Added Design and Operational Options

Storage is at the heart of virtually every materials handling and distribution operation. Well-conceived storage can make the difference between average and outstanding performance of any logistics system.

Storage solutions include bulk reserve storage, buffer storage, and stock at the pick face. Dematic can integrate all solutions with automated handling systems. Our team of specialists design and supply cost-effective storage solutions and provide value-added advice in areas such as location control, product slotting, load carrying capacity, and compliance to standards.

High-Bay Racks

High-rise narrow-aisle racks provide cost effective storage that optimize the use of available land. Ideally applied to bulk reserve stock high rise racks serviced by high speed Storage Retrieval machines, Dematic High-bay solutions provide an efficient and secure means of storing and handling palletized goods.

Dematic’s team of storage experts design high rise racks configured from cold rolled or structural components in operations requiring either free standing or rack clad structures.

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Mini-Load Racks

In high throughput carton and tote storage facilities Dematic designs, specifies and integrates high-quality, economical, purpose-designed racking and shelving systems. Racks and shelves are manufactured to very high tolerance and are precisely installed to ensure accurate interface with high-speed AKLs.

All Dematic designs take into account critical features such as AKL guide rails, sprinkler systems and necessary lighting requirements.

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Dematic Multishuttle® Racks

The exclusively designed Dematic Multishuttle storage rack can be configured to provide both single and double deep functionality and have push through protection so that totes cannot be accidentally dropped into the shuttle aisle or out of the rack. 

Racks support the rails on which the shuttle runs.  Maintenance walkways are built into the racks providing easy access at all levels as well as ensuring rigidity of the rack structure.

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Conventional Racking and Shelving

Whether you want to take advantage of unused space or you are building a whole new warehouse, Dematic’s conventional rack solutions can be tailored quickly, easily and economically to your precise needs.

Dematic pallet racking solutions are versatile, allowing you to maximize your space while at the same time giving you the flexibility to operate your manual distribution center with complete efficiency.

Light or heavy duty, Dematic has the experience and concepts to get your valuable products off the floor and into good order. With Dematic shelving you get a strong purpose-designed shelving solution combined with intelligent picking options that can give your customer service levels a real boost.