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Dematic Goods-to-Person Picking Solution

Automated Inventory Management with Integrated Goods-to-Person Picking

It may be difficult to find labor, space, and capital, but Dematic can at least make it easy to manage your inventory.

The Dematic Goods-to-Person (GTP) Picking system is a turnkey solution with automated, high-density storage for shipping orders quickly and accurately. It is the ideal solution for spare parts, electronic components, cosmetics, and other industries that require processing thousands of small items from limited warehouse space and with minimal labor resources.

Key Benefits of On-Demand Goods-to-Person Picking

  • Rapid installation and start-up: Modular, pre-engineered design reduces risks, cuts lead times, speeds installation and return on investment (ROI)
  • Inventory management for large quantities of SKUs: Capable of efficiently handling up to 70,000 small-item SKUs, ideal for spare parts, components, cosmetics
  • Ultra-high productivity and accuracy: Very high pick rates of more than 1,000 items/hour with minimal errors, at a single pick station.
  • Scalability improves flexibility, lowers initial cost: Scalable from 4,000 to 50,000 totes, reduces investment, lowers building/rental costs, provides future flexibility
  • Fast ROI — typically less than three years: Productivity savings, reduced errors, lower building/leasing and operating costs, add up to a quick ROI

Ideal Applications for On-Demand Goods-to-Person Picking

  • Electronic goods
  • Mechanical and electrical components
  • Hardware, tools
  • Spare parts
  • Cosmetics
  • Niche retailers, convenience stores
  • Third party logistics

On-Demand Picking Goods-to-Person Solution

A new pre-engineered and pre-configured Goods-to-Person (GTP) order picking solution for a wide variety of small to mid-sized businesses, distributing from 200 to 1,500 order lines or more per hour.

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Case Study: Toshiba

Toshiba Case Study

Leading electronic and consumer goods distributor, Toshiba, has implemented the Dematic Goods-to-Person system in their new National Distribution Center (NDC) in Pemulwuy in Sydney’s western suburbs. A key driver for the project was the optimization of space within Toshiba’s new distribution center in order to reduce the overall footprint and costs of the new facility.

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Six Warehouse Challenges Overcome by Goods-to-Person Picking Systems

Six Warehouse Challenges Overcome by Goods-to-Person Picking Systems

This white paper looks at the challenges addressed by GTP picking solutions and the types of operations best suited for them. Being able to meet and overcome these challenges is vital in a highly competitive order fulfillment environment.

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Modular Goods to Person

Configuration options range from one to eight aisles of Dematic Multishuttle® storage, equipped with one to four ergonomic multi-function workstations, plus a range of integrated take-away conveyors and sorting technologies.

Small Footprint = Space Savings = Lower Cost of Operation 

Our patented inter-aisle transfer capability eliminates the need for the elaborate conveyor systems required by typical goods-to-person solutions. Less conveyor means smaller footprint, lower capital investment, and less maintenance. Inter-aisle transfer capability allows items to transfer between the Dematic Multishuttle racks for sequenced delivery to workstations. Items in the Dematic Multishuttle transfer between aisles for sequenced delivery to workstations, allowing any tote to be processed at any workstation. 

Reduced Processing Costs 

The reduced capital investment, reduced cycle time, and ease-of-use minimize order processing costs. In addition, the same workstations can be used for both picking and for decanting, further reducing the capital cost of your investment. 

Modular Design for Maximum Flexibility 

The Dematic Goods-to-Person Picking solution allows you to grow and expand as needed. Storage aisles and workstations can be added or removed to meet current demand.