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Compact Storage, Fits into Existing Building Shapes, Easy to Expand

AutoStore is an ultra-high density sub-system that supports goods-to-person piece picking.

The Dematic goods-to-person piece picking solution includes three automated storage sub-system options: Dematic Multishuttle, Mini Load, and AutoStore. For applications with a high number of SKUs and moderate throughput velocity, AutoStore may be the ideal storage sub-system. Dematic incorporates AutoStore within an overall solution that includes receiving & put-away, inventory storage, picking, and pack & ship.

The AutoStore sub-system consists of five standard modules: robot, port or workstation, grid, bin and controller. There are no dedicated access aisles in AutoStore so the entire cube can be utilized to store product. The bin storage cube can be configured up to a height of 6 meters (approx. 20 feet). Higher storage heights are possible by building AutoStore structures on mezzanine platforms.

The robots drive on the top of the grid to access inventory stored in the bins below. The bins are put-away, retrieved and delivered to the ports or workstations as required. The mechanical system design omits a single point of failure that could stop the entire system material flow. 

Two types of ports are available, conveyor ports for system throughputs up to 240 Bins per hour and carrousel ports carrying three bins simultaneously, for throughputs up to 500 bins per hour. The system footprint layout is custom for each application. An installation can consist of 200 robots or just 3 robots, with 2,000 bins or 200,000 bins.


  • High number of SKUs
  • Low-mid velocity throughput
  • Tote storage 

AutoStore Benefits

The AutoStore solution is built around the “goods-to-person” principle. The key benefits of goods-to-person include: eliminate worker travel time to pick locations, picking productivity, omit dedicated pick faces (no slotting, re-slotting, manual replenishment), product security/inventory accuracy, order processing speed, and order accuracy. Furthermore, the worker environment is ideal. AutoStore technology supports a quiet, clean environment with reduced fatigue factors. Workstations are designed for ergonomic operation. 

AutoStore is an eco-friendly solution. Overall power consumption is low, energy recovery occurs during bin lowering and robot braking. Ceiling lighting is not needed. It requires less space due to the compact structure.