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Lights-out Fulfillment Is the Future — Dematic Gets You There

Labor is scarce and expensive. Warehouse work can be dirty and dull. Customers demand faster, more accurate order fulfillment.

Dematic robotics solutions help automate key warehouse functions (including the last touch) by 

  • Reducing labor dependency and related costs
  • Improving order accuracy 
  • Increasing overall operational efficiency 

The focus of the Dematic Robotic Center of Excellence is to meet these business challenges by developing and implementing integrated robotics solutions. The solutions range from simple robotic pick stations to completely automated systems from receiving to shipping.

Our Robotics Expertise

Dematic has leveraged decades of engineering expertise in process integration, controls, and material flow to create automated robotics systems that return value quickly to your operations. Vision and end-effector tooling technologies along with advanced software capabilities provide integrated robotics solutions for your unique business needs.

Your Robotics Benefits

  • Reliable, around-the-clock performance 
  • Flexible material handling (from individual cartons or full pallet layers) 
  • Automated handling of mixed streams of goods 
  • Automated building of mixed pallets
  • Gentle and accurate “last touch” item selection

Robotic Order Fulfillment

Robotic Order Fulfillment

Dematic solutions in robotic automation are aimed squarely at helping you meet critical business goals by leading the way in making robotic automation functional, practical, and profitable for your production or distribution facility.

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