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Palletizing Systems

Solutions for Automated Palletizing and Manual Palletizing

Dematic offers a variety of safe, cost-effective, high performance palletizing solutions. Dematic palletizing systems store, buffer, and sequence your cases and then provide options for both manual and automated palletizing to build mixed-cases.

Palletizing Systems — a Brief Description

A Dematic palletizing system begins with automatically or manually delayering pallets of SKUs. These cases are conveyed to a RapidStore Miniload or Multishuttle for storage.

When an order is required, cases of SKUs (stock keeping units) are automatically picked. The palletizing system takes into account the physical attributes of the cases — length, width, height, weight, crushability, and stability. The palletizer system also takes into account other attributes — volume of cases per layer, number of layers, layer patterns, and family group rules unique to stores.

The palletizer system transports the cases in exact sequence to facilitate the optimum build sequence for the pallet. The pallet is assembled with robots or manually with the ErgoPall system.

Benefits of Palletizing Systems

  • Options for full or partial automation
  • Precise sequencing of cases on the pallet
  • Reduced labor costs in warehouse
  • Customized dispatch units for easy in-store replenishment
  • High pallet density for lower transport costs

Dematic iQ software controls all aspects of the order assembly process and accounts for the physical attribute of each SKU. Talk with Dematic to discover the optimal solution for your operation.


Dematic AMCAP

AMCAP is a high-performance system that builds mixed case pallets and roll containers, allowing retailers to become cost effective and more competitive. It combines scalability with a compact footprint, enabling integration into existing brownfield facilities, and the scalable design allows flexible throughput variations up to several thousand cases per hour.

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High Performance Manual Mixed Case Palletizing