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Mobile Automation

Mobile Automation Solutions for Production, Warehouse and Distribution Environments

Dematic’s Mobile Automation solutions include both Automatic Guided Vehicle (AGV) and Etow embedded towline systems to deliver flexible transportation of items throughout your facility.

Automatic Guided Vehicles (AGVs) – Dematic AGVs are fully mobile robots that can move and transport items within production, warehouse and distribution environments. Our complete line of AGVs provide reliable, autonomous mobile robotic solutions for where space is at a premium, flexibility is critical and operational efficiency is an imperative. 

Etow Embedded towline system - Dematic’s Etow embedded towline is a continuous transport loop system that uses an embedded towline and product carriers connected to it that can transport large volumes of product throughout a production or distribution environment. Capacity is expandable by simply adding new product carriers.

Automated Guided Vehicles


Dematic Mobile Automation


Etow - Embedded Towline System for Reliable Transport and Sorting of Products