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Etow – Embedded Towline System

Etow - Embedded Towline System for Reliable Transport and Sorting of Products

Dematic’s Etow embedded towline system is an in-floor chain tow conveyor fixed route continuous transport system. 

The actual transport of goods takes place via product carriers connected to the in-floor chain tow conveyor. Capacity is expandable by simply adding new product carriers. 

An embedded towline system is suitable for the continuous transport of large transport volumes for example in distribution environments and for the transport of difficult to handle loads in manufacturing environments.

Benefits of Embedded Towline Systems 

The embedded towline system is a very versatile transport system that brings many benefits to the daily intralogistics and distribution operations inside your production area, distribution center or company. The most important benefits include: 

  • Reliability and high-performance
  • Maintenance and user-friendliness
  • Increased safety 
  • Intelligent product sorting

Reliable and High-Performing 

Thanks to the long-life components, Dematic’s embedded towline system will give you carefree use for years to come and help you to increase the efficiency of your organization. Towline systems are highly suited to the continuous transport of large volumes, and for transporting loads that are difficult to move through the production process. 

Maintenance and User-Friendly

Thanks to the durability of its components, the system enjoys a long technical service life. The system is extremely easy to use: operators simply have to connect new carriers onto the chain tow conveyor, or take them off. In addition, a mix of different carrier options means selecting the right carrier type is easy. 


The embedded towline system follows a fixed route with clear markings on the floor. Operators can work in full safety around the system. The constant speed and fixed route creates a safe working environment, especially compared with traditional forklift traffic. Because the system is fully integrated in the floor, you can make full use of the available floor space. 

Intelligent Tracking and Product Sorting 

Embedded towline systems are the ideal sorting installation for goods in your production or logistics environment. Our embedded towlines can transport and deliver your products to an almost unlimited number of destinations. Your goods will get to the right destination via controlled diverters, which also allow a different route to be chosen. The Towing Information system is an intelligent software system that controls the entire installation and ensures the carriers can be perfectly controlled and traced.