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AGV Systems for a Wide Variety of Industries and Markets

Dematic supplies AGV systems for a wide variety of industries and markets. Over 5,000 AGVs have been manufactured and installed; many are being used by Fortune 500 companies.


Automated guided vehicle systems for the automotive and automotive supply industries.

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Dematic’s automated guided vehicle systems are tailored to the ever-increasing demands of the automotive and automotive supply industries, such as manufacturers of tires, compressors, exhaust systems, etc.

We understand system constraints and develops solutions considering these issues: line-side materials distribution, just-in-time deliveries, and unit load material movement. AGV styles used in automotive applications include Compact, Standard vehicles such as forklift, tugger, and unitload, and custom automated guided vehicles.

Various automotive AGV applications

  • Transport of raw materials from receiving to storage
  • Transport of raw materials from storage to production
  • Transport of intermediate products (i.e. car body parts) in buffer storage in between two production steps
  • Transport of finished products from the end of the production lines to shipping

Easy configuration changes

Quick and easy Guidepath changes are easy with our easy-to-use layout software. Layout changes are quickly and easily made without interruption to daily operations.


Consumer Goods

Transportation and load tracking of raw, WIP, and finished goods in consumer goods factories. 

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Transportation and load tracking of raw, WIP, and finished goods in consumer goods factories.

Humans are mass consumers of made-for-consumption non-durable goods. Everything from toothpaste to air-fresheners to cleaning supplies—all of these products are transported from one location to another until they show up on the shelves of local supermarkets or stores.

Points of transport for AGVs

  • Automatic trailer unloading of raw materials.
  • WIP transportation of partially manufactured sub-assemblies between production operations.
  • End-of-line transportation of finished goods to warehousing.
  • Automatic trailer loading of goods from warehousing onto common over-the-road trailers.

At each point in the process, transporting product adds zero value. Automated guided vehicles provide efficient transportation of consumer goods while eliminating the costs of non-value added material handling wages and benefits.


General Manufacturing

Automated guided vehicles reliably move products between production cells to / from warehousing. 

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Automated guided vehicles reliably move products between production cells to / from warehousing in the manufacturing processes.

Some other typical applications:

  • Delivery of raw materials
  • Transport of semi-finished products to work-in-process buffer storage or the intermediate warehouse
  • Supply of other materials like packaging or removal of empty pallets and trash
  • Move finished goods from end-of-line to the finished goods warehouse or shipping area

Meeting high production demands

Important drivers for the manufacturing industry are delivering products on time while improving quality and reducing production costs. Our automatic guided vehicle systems comprise intelligent scheduling software to meet just-in-time deliveries and to save costs related to moving products internally.

AGVs for flexibility in changing manufacturing environments

Typical issues of the manufacturing business include the complexity of your product mix, small batch sizes, a variety of treatments per component, and the cyclical fluctuations of demand in the market. Transport of such products requires a flexible logistic solution. Our Automated Guided Vehicle systems provide valuable floor space versus static equipment like conveyor systems and is easily changed to meet your ever-changing processes.



Reliable transport of fragile, complex, and sophisticated electrical products. 

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Today’s electronics manufacturers are producing the most complex and sophisticated digital devices in history. Whether it be PC boards, car stereos, digital music/movie devices, cell phones, etc., automated guided vehicles are designed to meet the high throughput requirements while remaining flexible enough to adapt to the frequent environmental and manufacturing facility changes needed in the never-ending evolution of the electronics market.

Electronics manufacturers rely on AGVs for reliable transport of fragile electrical products. Our AGVs are custom engineered and quality manufactured for your requirements, large and small. Our wide array of automation and know-how mean efficient automated product delivery.


Food & Beverage 

Transport of beer, soft drinks, cereals, candy, snack foods, in-process ingredients, packaging materials, etc. 

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Our automated guided vehicles are equipped to handle palletized and unit loads of beer, soft drinks, cereals, candy, snack foods, in-process ingredients, packaging materials, etc., in manufacturing, cross-docking, warehousing, and trailer loading environments.

Our AGV systems support various storage types for pallets, racks, and bins, including block stacking, deep lane stacking, or warehouse racking.

In-depth knowledge of and compliance with food requirements

Our AGV systems meet the requirements for intermediate storage of food products. Automated guided vehicles paired with our Warehouse Management System software, can also take expiration dates of final products into account and organize your warehouse shelves accordingly. That means optimal food conservation at every point in your workflow.

In addition, we can modify the construction of our automatic guided vehicles to be compliant with stringent hygiene regulations, such as by using stainless steel frames and usage of fully sealed components and encapsulated steer drive units to allow complete cleanliness of the AGVs.

Food & Beverage applications

Automated guided vehicles can be implemented with success in any intermediate stage of food & beverage supply chains from trailer unloading, raw materials receiving, and transport to and from AS/RS to supply to processing lines, handling of finished products, and trailer loading.

Some specific applications:

  • Food transport in less operator-friendly environments (cold storage and freezers)
  • Storage of cheese racks and transport to ripening rooms controlled via recipe management software
  • Fully automatic handling of beer pallets from automatic warehouse to dock using automatic trailer loading vehicles

Track & trace your food batches

Our Warehouse Management System software stores each transport the system has performed along with batch ID, time stamp, source and destination location. This allows for tracing the origin of finished food products and their whereabouts in every single process step and tracking other food lots resulted from the same original batch.


Cold Storage

Freezer-rated AGVs, deep-freeze AS/RS, or integrated systems that can withstand the most extreme temperatures.

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Cold storage and deep freeze present many challenges for personnel, machines, and electronics. Cold storage rated AGVs overcome these hurdles and make your cold storage or deep freeze systems run optimally.

Because personnel are required to participate in warm-up periods when working in freezers, labor costs can quickly ramp up in those environments. Automating the freezer areas of your facility with AGVs can reduce energy consumption and temperature drops associated with doors opening for personnel to exit the freezer. By utilizing an automated interlock, those periods are drastically reduced. Personnel can, in turn, work in more comfortable environments outside the freezer.



Automatic guided vehicles for every process stage in paper and print.

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Our paper & print automated guided vehicle solutions constitute the perfect connecting link for the printing and packaging industries and for related manufacturers of raw materials such as paper, carton, and boards.

Always on time and undamaged

Thanks to the intelligent scheduling software of our AGV systems, loads always arrive on time at the presses or other critical production equipment like unwrappers, sheet cutters or binders. This is essential in industries with short time-to-market to make sharp deadlines.

The usage of the right paper-handling device for the right application along with the extremely accurate navigation and positioning software makes sure your loads are not damaged during transport.

Versatile paper and print applications

Our automatic guided vehicle systems are highly automated and can be easily modified for a wide range of transport applications:

  • Automatic AGV unloading of paper rolls
  • Horizontal storage in high-bay warehouse or vertical deep stack storage on floor
  • Transport to unwrappers, sheet cutters, presses
  • Intermediate storage of prepped rolls
  • Waste paper handling
  • Transport of finished products (newspapers, books, catalogs, tissue paper etc.) in shipping areas or mailroom
  • AGV loading with finished pallets



Automated guided vehicles reliably move products in pharmaceutical and life sciences companies.

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Automated guided vehicles reliably move products in pharmaceutical and life sciences companies products in pharmaceutical and life sciences companies such as the following:

  • Pharmaceutical products (medicines, vaccines) for consumer healthcare and animal health
  • Nutritional products
  • Diagnostic instruments & testing
  • Medical devices & surgical devices
  • Eye care products & vision technologies

Automatic transport with AGVs in pharmaceuticals and life sciences

Typical automatic transport applications with AGVs include:

  • Transport of raw materials from receiving to automatic warehouse / storage areas
  • Transport of products from warehouse to production and WIP buffer (Work-in-Process)
  • Product delivery from storage to picking zones
  • Supply of packing materials to packing lines
  • Transport of finished products from production to warehouse
  • For specific manufacturing environments and special needs we always develop custom AGVs and systems

Automatic transport compliant with clean room regulations

Our automated guided vehicles for pharmaceuticals are electrically controlled and do not use any hydraulics. As a result, no oil leakages can be caused in pharmaceutical environments. Laser navigation allows for preventing dust production during installation of the AGV system.

Safe and validated transport with AGVs

We combines knowledge in materials handling with experience of working in critical environments to supply turnkey validated systems to meet your FDA requirements. Because automated guided vehicles track all movements, they are compliant with process validation regulations.



Just turn the key... Man-aboard forklift that operates in both manual and automatic laser guidance modes.

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Automated guided vehicles play a critical role in the manufacturing of plastic products, which is used in almost every item manufactured today, by transporting raw, in-process, and finished goods between receiving docks, blow mold, and injection mold machines, assembly lines, warehousing, and over-the-road trailers in the shipping department. Blow molders use AGVs to handle preforms and palletized bottles while injection molders use AGVs for resin handling and bulk part handling, typically in gaylords.

Our extensive background in the plastics industry continues to increase efficiencies in the molding process while improving your organization’s bottom line.



Lights-out transport of spin and carding cans within textile mills.

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AGVs provide cost-efficient transport and storage solutions that perfectly respond to the specific needs of the textile industries. Our materials handling solutions transport and store bobbins, carts, carpet rolls, etc., and constitute a flexible logistic link between your production processes.

Automated guided vehicles are commonly used in the production of textile products based on natural or synthetic yarns. Our vehicles ensure smooth transfers of your textile products between your spinning mills, twine mills, beam mills, and weaving mills without human intervention.

AGV systems in textiles include:

  • Transport of sliver in spin and/or card cans between blending operations
  • Transport of palletized packages from spinning to warehouse
  • Intermediate storage and supply of coating paste to coating lines for technical textile
  • Intermediate storage and supply of bobbins with natural yarns to dye baths
  • Intermediate storage and management of drying rooms for dyed yarns
  • Removal of carpet rolls after carpet sorting machine
  • Intermediate storage and supply of woven textiles (parent roll) to cutting lines


Warehouse & Distribution

AGVs for warehouse storage and retrieval applications, including Warehouse Management System Software.

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AGVs for receiving, warehousing, and distribution applications can handle all kinds of storage applications in warehouses and distribution centers. The use of AGVs in warehouses directly reduces labor costs and increases the efficiency and reliability of your storage process.

We can use standard design or fully custom-made automatic guided vehicles, depending on your specific application. Our very narrow aisle (VNA) AGVs drive through narrow warehouse aisles allowing for maximum dense product storage. Other models allow for storing loads up to 6 levels or 30 feet high.

Warehouse storage applications with AGVs

Examples of automatic storage applications with AGVs include:

  • Block storage of pallets, containers, racks, boxes and tubs
  • Pallet storage in warehouse racks
  • Vertical storage of reels
  • Horizontal storage of reels in cradles

Automatic transport in receiving areas

Automated Guided Vehicles control the full receiving process of raw materials from trailer to processing lines. They make sure your goods are delivered in time without stalling your production process.

Specific applications in receiving areas include:

  • Automatic trailer unloading
  • Raw material transport to intermediate storage
  • Direct supply of raw materials to production lines

Automatic transport in distribution areas

Our automated guided vehicles are the ideal transport solution from end-of-line equipment to shipping in distribution centers. An AGV-based automatic trailer loading solution extends automation beyond the four walls of your plant or distribution center, completing the automation puzzle.


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