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AGV Battery Charging Solutions

Dematic Battery Components Include Several Ways to Keep Your AGV Operational

Dematic offers many types of battery charging scenarios. that match the right battery solution with the right automated guided vehicle system.

No matter the battery, or battery charging technology, batteries don’t keep a charge forever. They need to be charged for your AGV to operate.

  • Manual Swap
    The perfect solution AGV systems with 1 – 3 vehicles that only run one shift
  • Automatic Swap
    Automatically charge and exchange batteries. Excellent for large fleets and 24/7 operation  
  • Opportunity Charging for AGV Systems
    Automatically charge batteries without removing them from the AGV. No human operator needed. Excellent for large fleets and 24/7 operation

Our AGVs are configured to use flooded lead acid, maintenance-free sealed lead acid, lithium-ion, and hydrogen fuel cell battery technologies.

Manual Battery Swap for AGVs

Manual battery swap technology requires an operator to remove the discharged battery from the AGV and place a fully charged battery in its place after approximately 8 – 12 hours (about one shift) of AGVs operation. Typically, 10-15 minutes is required to perform this with each AGV in the fleet. 

Automatic Swap

Automatically charge and exchange batteries. Excellent for large fleets and 24/7 operation  

A fully automatic battery swap is an alternative to manual battery swap. It requires an additional piece of automation to the overall AGV system. AGVs will pull up to the battery swap station and have their batteries automatically replaced with fully charged batteries in 5-10 minutes. The automatic battery changer then places the depleted batteries into a charging slot for automatic recharging. The automatic battery changer keeps track of the batteries in the system for maintenance, charging and optimized use.  

Opportunity Battery Charging for AGV Systems 

Automatic and opportunity battery charging allows for nearly continuous AGV operation. 

Opportunity charging allows the AGV to be charged when the battery reaches a pre-determined level. When this happens, the AGV will finish the current job that it has been assigned before it goes to charge.

White Paper: Five Unexpected Applications for AGV Success

Five Unexpected Applications for AGV Success

There are many activities where autonomous mobile robots can be used to bring value to your operation. This white paper identifies five areas that you might not have been aware of where AGVs can help you today.

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