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Automated Guided Vehicles (AGVs)

AGVs - Automated Guided Vehicles

Dematic provides a complete line of Automated Guided Vehicles (AGVs) to support Automated Warehouse Solutions and Automatic Material Movement Solutions. Today, Dematic has successfully installed these proven and reliable solutions with over 2,500 vehicles in various applications across industries.

Dematic AGVs provide reliable, automated material movement when space is at a premium, flexibility is critical and operational efficiency is an imperative.

Dematic’s comprehensive range of AGVs include fork vehicles, unit load, VNA, and specialty vehicles to move material through your facility in a timely, safe and flexible manner.

AGVs should be considered under the following circumstances:

  • In non value-added material movement applications
  • When the use of manually operated forklifts is not appropriate
  • Where consistent and stable loads need to be transported over long distances
  • For applications requiring steady and continuous throughput
  • In process automation applications
  • For transporting and sorting loads for dispatch
  • As a reliable, consistent interface to ASRS 
  • Where they can contribute to a safer working environment

Available in a variety of configurations and capacities, Dematic AGVs come with a complete array of safety features exceeding workplace safety requirements. All models are powered by 48VDC industrial batteries. A variety of battery and charging options are available to ensure the system meets operational requirements.

Benefits of Dematic AGVs

  • Labor: 100% labor reduction, overtime and turnover cost eliminated
  • Damage: Elimination of facility and equipment damage by conventional fork trucks
  • Shipping Accuracy: Reduction in miss-shipments and product loss
  • Energy: Potential savings associated with lights-out operations
  • Safety: Elimination of fork truck related accidents
  • Flexibility: Capable of interfacing to a variety of stands, automation, manufacturing operations

Automated Warehouse Solutions

FlexFork and FlexVNA

Dematic's laser guided vehicles handle a wide range of load weights, heights, aisle widths and load types (including multiple loads). 

  • High Reach Counterbalance Forked AGVs
  • Very Narrow Aisle Counterbalance Fork AGVs

Our Counterbalance Forked AGVs handle many different  types of storage, including:

  • Single deep racking
  • Push back racking
  • Drive-in racking
  • Deep lane floor storage
  • Deep lane racking w/satellite shuttle
  • VNA rack storage

Automated Material Movement Solutions 

Automate Material Movement SolutionsFor horizontal transportation, Dematic’s AGVs use both magnet guidance and laser guidance. Many of the AGVs can handle multiple unit loads or loads up to 8,000 lbs.

  • Pallet truck AGVs
  • Counterbalance forked AGVs
  • Unit load AGVs
  • Tugger AGVs

Movement ApplicationsOur AGVs support many types of movements within the manufacturing warehouse or distribution facility.

  • Receiving to warehouse
  • Manufacturing to warehouse
  • Warehouse to manufacturing
  • Work cell to work cell
  • Warehouse to picking
  • Picking to shipping
  • Long haul transportation

Flex Series of Automated Guided Vehicles

Flex Series of AGVs

Dematic provides complete integrated automated guided vehicle solutions. This may include Warehouse Management Systems, AGV Control Systems, Picking Systems, Charging Systems, and other automated material handling applications.

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FlexFork 1600

FlexFork Vehicles

The Counterbalance Fork Vehicles support both warehouse and material movement solutions. This vehicle provides the flexibility for picking and depositing single or multiple loads to a variety of station types and elevations. Forked vehicles can interface with conveyors, load stands, racking, stretch-wrappers and floor locations. This vehicle is also available for freezer applications.

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FlexVNA Vehicle

FlexVNA Vehicles

The Counterbalance VNA Fork Vehicle primarily supports very narrow aisle storage solutions in buildings with clear heights of 40’. This vehicle is designed to replace existing VNA fork trucks or can be used in new applications. This VNA solution is ideal for multiple shift operations with low to medium throughput systems that require a vehicle to support multiple aisles.

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FlexDeck Vehicle

FlexDeck Vehicles

The FlexDeck vehicles are laser guided and can support one to two unit loads. This type of vehicle is ideal for medium to long distances between two conveyor pick-up and drop points. This is a vehicle of choice to support material movements within production or between production and the warehouse.

FlexTruck Vehicles

FlexTruck Vehicles

The FlexTruck vehicles were specifically designed for high throughput horizontal material movement. The EZ series are highly maneuverable magnet guided vehicles that carry one or two loads at a time to facilitate transport and load transfer to and from conveyors, stands, production equipment, monorail, palletizing cells, etc. The pallet truck vehicle is a laser guided vehicle that carries one or two loads to facilitate transport between two points on the floor. This hybrid vehicle can be used in automatic mode or be driven by an operator to increase flexibility of the vehicle to support multiple operations.

FlexTow AGV

FlexTow Vehicles

Tugger AGVs are often the best choice for moving large quantities of products, as a single vehicle can tow multiple carts over long distances. The carts can be delivered to locations, decoupled for loading and unloading, while the AGV continues to work. 

Custom Application and Specialty Vehicles

Custom AGVDematic has a long history of designing and manufacturing vehicles for a wide range of industries and applications including aerospace, pulp and paper, agricultural, automotive, and heavy industry. Specialty vehicles include coil handling, print roll handling, and assembly vehicles.



Flex Series Preconfigured AGV Solutions

Dematic has developed two standard preconfigured automated guided solutions. The FlexTruck easy solution is a turnkey, off-the-shelf preconfigured AGV solution for any load that could normally be handled by a standard fork truck.

FlexTruck easy

FlexTruck easy

The Dematic FlexTruck easy is a turnkey AGV solution for any load that could normally be handled by a standard fork truck. Handling two pallets at a time, a single FlexTruck easy can move 22 loads per hour over a distance of 500 feet.

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FlexTruck Voice

FlexTruck Voice

FlexTruck Voice is a new enhanced method of optimizing the case picking process. With FlexTruck Voice, you get higher picking rates and improved order accuracy. The inefficient stepping onto/off of the pallet truck and the frequent indexing of the pallet truck are replaced with automatic control via laser guidance.

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Deep Lane Pallet Storage

Deep Lane Pallet Storage

It’s modular, flexible, and scalable. That’s why production and warehousing operations that need a more effective way to stage pallets are implementing the Deep Lane Pallet Storage System from Dematic. 

The Deep Lane Pallet Storage solution is a pre-engineered kit with configurable software that supports gains in productivity, space utilization, inventory control, and real time load tracking. 

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Dematic Egemin USA

Dematic Egemin

Dematic has announced plans for integrating Egemin Automation into its organization. The integration, which is targeted for completion by the end of calendar year 2017, will result in the world’s largest Automated Guided Vehicle (AGV) supplier while enhancing Dematic’s system integration capability in Europe.

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