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Cross Docking

Cross Docking: Stockless Distribution of Totes and Cases

Cross docking solutions are ideal for stockless DCs (Distribution centers), retailers, wholesalers and distributors, together with high volume freight handlers, where goods typically flow directly from receiving to dispatch. They increase supply chain velocity by eliminating unnecessary handling and storage of product, and the costs associated with handling excess inventory in a warehouse.

Cross docking is the ultimate dream of any distribution center. Because the inventory keeps moving, the need for storage is eliminated, and the high cost of order fulfillment sub-systems are minimized. When stock arrives at a cross-docking facility, it is simply unloaded from the trailers or pallets onto the DC’s conveyor system. 

This transports the stock to the conveyor sortation system, where individual items are sorted to their relevant shipping lane, making it a very efficient operation with no put-away and no replenishment required; just one touch through the DC.

Dematic cross-docking solutions are ideal for retail store distribution and parcel sorting centers, and offer a wide range of benefits including:

  • Automated goods receipt and sortation
  • No need for costly and time-consuming put-away and storage
  • The elimination of manual picking, replenishment and sortation labor and associated costs

Typical Solutions

White Paper: Sorting Out Sortation

Sorting Out Sortation

With increasing labor costs and supply chain pressures for faster and more accurate and responsive operations, automated sortation systems are finding their way into more and more supply chains, delivering productivity, throughput capacity, accuracy, and accountability for businesses, and a cost effective and efficient flow of goods to consumers.

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Cross Docking

Fast, Accurate and Real-time Sortation of Inbound Goods