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Enable Smarter Fulfillment

Dematic iQ Optimization improves use of space, equipment, and people to get the most out of these resources by reducing the cost per transaction.

With Dematic Optimization, you can

  •  Reduce cycle times 
  • Increase pick efficiency 
  • Shorten operator travel time  
  • Decrease material and shipping costs 
  • Use your storage space more effectively and possibly reduce your storage footprint 

The Dematic iQ Optimization Module enables smarter logistics decisions with advanced material flow algorithms that enhance performance and resource allocation. Within each process, Dematic iQ Optimization supports the creation of intelligent fulfillment plans that improve operations. 

Space Optimization 

Dematic iQ improves automation efficiency with algorithms that match product characteristics and storage conditions with the physical layout of your operation. For example, Dynamic Slotting guarantees the high throughput while increasing storage density. 

Labor Optimization 

Advanced algorithms process task requirements and resource availability, allowing you to assign tasks on a dynamic basis. For example, Dematic iQ maximizes pick efficiency by reducing pick face visits and travel time between picks. 

Equipment Optimization 

Manage material handling equipment. Dematic iQ algorithms dynamically balance workloads to improve system performance, optimize sorting, and lower facility costs. 

Order Processing Optimization

Continuous processing strategies adjust plans as profiles change. Dematic iQ allows you to determine discrete, clustered, batched, or wave-based work strategies to improve productivity across your entire order fulfillment process. 

Product Supply Optimization 

Match product supply to worker performance. Dematic iQ balances product supply, eliminating equipment and process interruption. Container Optimization Reduce split-case picking, consolidation, packaging, and shipping costs. Dematic iQ uses configurable algorithms that use product characteristics to determine optimal picking and shipping that create store and aisle-friendly pallets.