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Proven Solutions for Quick ROI

Dematic iQ Fulfillment helps you get orders out the door quickly, efficiently, and accurately.

With Dematic Fulfillment, you can 

  • Reduce shipping costs 
  • Increase labor productivity 
  • Improve equipment uptime, efficiency, and performance 
  • Deploy and adapt to changing conditions quickly, with minimal training 
  • Improve order accuracy, increase customer satisfaction, and reduce returns processing costs 

The Dematic iQ Fulfillment Module makes order fulfillment easier and supports and improves all business processes, including receiving, storage, replenishment, post-pick, and shipping. 


Dematic iQ Receive functionality provides:

  • Manual and blind receipts 
  • Repacking and container building 
  • Returns handling and processing 
  • Standard unloading and receiving process
  • Management of purchase orders, shipments, deliveries and advices 


Dematic iQ Store functionality provides: 

  • Dynamic slotting
  • Velocity classifications
  • Mixing and storing product together
  • Preferred destinations and target areas or zones
  • Round-robin product balancing across multiple aisles or zones 


Dematic iQ Replenish functionality provides: 

  • Look-ahead estimates future demand based on pending orders
  • Distribution of stock across aisles promotes as-needed selectivity
  • Threshold triggers when inventory per SKU and specific areas fall below defined level
  • Demand accommodates additional stock based requirement requests of other business processes. 


Dematic iQ Pick functionality provides:

  • Batch picking
  • Zone Routing
  • Cluster picking
  • Fully automated picking
  • Goods-to-Person picking 


Dematic iQ Post-pick functionality provides: 

  • QC inspection
  • Integrated labeling
  • Short Pick transparency
  • Dynamic cubby assignment
  • Ship container size indicator 


Dematic iQ Ship functionality provides:

  • Consolidation/Staging 
  • Buffer and marshalling
  • Staging lane assignments
  • Manufacturing line delivery
  • Mechanized and directed sort/transport