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Dematic Reddwerks

Warehouse Execution Software (WES), Powered by Distribution Science®

Dematic Reddwerks WES equips retailers and manufacturers with the flexibility, responsiveness, and agility to deliver goods on demand. Reddwerks is a key part of the Dematic software platform that makes real-time decisions to optimize the flow of materials and information in order fulfillment systems.

Dematic Reddwerks WES provides a practical solution for connecting existing systems, aggregating their data, and aligning their functions under a unified platform. Instead of Warehouse Management Software (WMS), Warehouse Control Systems (WCSs), and Material Handling Equipment (MHE) operating as separate systems, Reddwerks links their operation, which allows your supply chain to deliver true omni-channel performance.

Dematic Reddwerks WES features waveless order fulfillment — software algorithms that continually optimize workflows as orders enter a queue, not waiting for batches of orders to accumulate. This allows warehouses and distribution centers to manage queues more efficiently with less hardware and greater responsiveness.

The actual process for bringing the benefits of Dematic Reddwerks WES to your supply chain is what we call Distribution Science — our mathematical, scientific, and systematic approach to facility evaluation and optimization. Distribution Science is an assessment to find solutions for the logical and physical constraints of existing infrastructure. The result is software that provides agility to your system and boosts overall performance.


  • Modular Design 
  • Real-Time Functionality
  • Waveless Order Fulfillment 
  • Seamless WMS and WCS Integration
  • Intelligent Automation and Robotics Support 


  • Reduces direct labor costs by significantly improving productivity
  • Consolidates existing systems, enabling options to add new business lines
  • Handles multiple, changing order profiles needed to support omni-channel demands
  • Extends infrastructure life with straightforward integration with existing WMS and MHE
  • Improves department-to-department synchronization by aligning equipment and processes

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