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Supply Chain Operations

Providing the Talent as Well as the Technology

If your company’s value revolves around marketing, production and/or innovation but not materials handling, allow Dematic to provide the operational resources.

Select business partners of Dematic have realized that although the supply chain is strategic to their success, it is not their core mission. Their focus and resources are better spent on industry leadership through manufacturing, retail, product development and the like. For them, Dematic supply chain operations, HK Logistics, is the answer.

HK Logistics offers dedicated resources to operate and manage a modern automated supply chain facility. After Dematic designs and installs best-fit technology to give your company a competitive edge, HK Logistics can provide the staff to manage, operate and maintain the system so you can remain dedicated to your real mission.

Optionally, Dematic and our finance partners can work with your team to establish an asset leasing arrangement that will minimize your capital outlay and effectively provide you the turnkey service of supply chain for an agreeable monthly fee.

Benefits of HK Logistics:

  • Guaranteed Performance Metrics
  • Free up Valuable Resources
  • Lower Labor Levels
  • Best-in-Class Operational Practices
  • Potential Balance Sheet Reduction
  • Automation ROI with Minimal Investment

Example operations include:

  • Inbound logistics
  • Kitting and sequencing for manufacturing
  • Added value operations
  • Order fulfillment
  • Delivery to line
  • Reverse logistics

If you are interested in enjoying the many rewards of contemporary supply chain technology but would rather not spend energy on staffing, maintenance and ownership, consider our HK Logistics for your new or existing supply chain operations.