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Dematic TechTalk

Chat in real-time with a Dematic Customer Service representative

Dematic TechTalk is a powerful tool on the Dematic support website ( that gets you an immediate response from technicians and engineers who are specially trained to diagnose and help you solve material handling issues or answer questions. You can access it from your computer or your mobile device.

Dematic TechTalk is a secure chat application for two way conversations. Ask as many questions as you need. Request clarification. Perform actionable procedures as you chat. Later you can review a complete record of the communication. 

So skip the phone call, stop the endless emails, and go immediately to live chat.  

TechTalk Benefits

  • Control the conversation
  • Get answers immediately
  • Chat from your mobile device
  • Multi-task while participating in support
  • Have full transparency and documentation
  • Communicate more quickly than with email
  • Communicate effectively in hard to hear locations
Dematic TechTalk

Dematic TechTalk

When you have a question about your material handling system, you need an answer quickly. You could make a phone call, but the loud background noise of an operation facility will make it hard to hear. You could send an e-mail, but that takes time to send and wait for replies. With Dematic TechTalk, you get clear answers right away.

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