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ROI Tools and Calculators

Dematic, in conjunction with business partners and clients, has developed a series of simple yet innovative tools and calculators that help define and construct the ROI of material handling solutions.

Integrated System ROI Spreadsheet

Define your rationale for conducting an integrated systems project. 

ROI Spreadsheet
ROI Sample File

The Cost of Ownership 

There is a cost associated with the proper lifecycle management of your technology investment. The reward for the owner is safety, reliability and ongoing return on their investment. This simple tool will help you develop an ownership budget and calculate what your annual costs will be for parts, maintenance, upgrades and service. 

The Cost of Ownership Spreadsheet 

Energy Consumption Calculator for Material Handling Systems 

In this era of lean and green supply chains, distribution experts focus on cost savings and sustainable behavior, respectively. More than ever, engineers and business leaders are taking an extended view of the energy requirements of planned material handling systems and including those results in their cost justification and net carbon footprint. 

Dematic, in conjunction with business partners and clients, has developed a simple yet innovative tool to calculate the expected energy requirements of a material handling system design. This Excel-based calculator allows the user to select among a wide variety of equipment, environment and building elements to approximate the expected annual utilization in kWh as well as dollars. The tool also facilitates the comparison of two different designs so the user can contrast the annual costs and uncover projected inefficiencies. 

Energy Consumption Calculator Spreadsheet
Energy Consumption Calculator Spreadsheet Sample

Material Handling System Design Tools 

So, you think you have a material handling project? Dematic, Inc. has developed the following simple but effective 5 Phase program and design checklists that take a motivated client from concept to ownership. 

MHS Design Methodology Book
Design - Business and Strategic Questions
Design Worksheets

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