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Dematic Egemin to demonstrate new straddle version of Compact AGV at ProMat 2017

HOLLAND, MICHIGAN - APRIL 04, 2017 - Dematic Egemin (formerly Egemin Automation Inc.), a manufacturer of Automatic Guided Vehicle (AGV) and automated in-floor towing solutions, continues to add functionality to its Compact mid-sized AGV line. The company unveiled the addition of a straddle fork configuration at the company’s booth at ProMat 2017. As a straddle fork AGV, the Compact can carry larger and heavier loads than in a standard counterbalance fork configuration and less expensively than a full-sized AGV. 

Initially released at ProMat 2015 as a tugger vehicle capable of towing up to 10,000 pounds, the Compact was designed from the ground up to be a smaller, less expensive option to a full-size AGV. A modular approach to the design means a faster time to market. In addition to the tugger and straddle component options of the Compact, a counterbalance (traditional) fork option is also available. 

The ‘off-the-shelf’ nature of the Compact translates to a 75% reduction in time from order to delivery compared to a traditional AGV. Combined with the lower up-front cost, the result is a much faster ROI. 

“The Compact AGV is leading the way when it comes to offering a solution that just what is needed and not overkill for the operations where it can be used,” said Tom Kaminski, vice president of Mobile Automation of Dematic Egemin. “In many situations, the Compact can do same functions as a standard full-size AGV, but in a smaller footprint, faster time to market, and lower overall price. This can create a more attractive ROI for many companies looking to replace non-value added fork truck functionality in their distribution centers.” 

Dematic Egemin manufactures the Compact in the USA, at its Center of Excellence located in Holland, Michigan. 

Download Straddle image here; logo here 

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