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Order Fulfilment Solutions for All 3PL Operations

3PL providers are attracting new business opportunities by recommending and implementing high productivity, intra-logistics solutions from Dematic, for their customers with manufacturing, assembly, warehousing and distribution operations.

Dematic Approach

Dematic provides a wide variety of logistics support systems for Third Party Logistics companies, including small regional players as well as large global providers. These solutions are engineered to accommodate the specific application needs of their customers that manufacture or distribute products. Typical solutions are designed to optimise the processes involved with receiving, storage, put-away, replenishment, case and piece picking, kitting, work-in-process storage, materials delivery, consolidation, order packing, and truck loading, along with the ability to handle a variety of load types: pallets, tubs, trays, cartons, totes, poly bags, and envelopes. 

Dematic brings a non-biased, activity based, industrial engineering approach to the development of each system. Dematic has the process improvement engineering experience and expertise to design high performance solutions, with hundreds of successful implementations operating with 3PL companies across the world. At the core of each solution is the innovative system design, along with the strategic management software that provides real time control, visibility and operational insight. 

Systems may be comprised of a single solution such as the pick and pack, or they may include all the operational functions from receiving to shipping. Dematic engineers each system as a modular, flexible, scalable solution to accommodate changing activity profiles, average to peak capacity and future growth. Dematic guarantees successful system performance while creating a strong ROI

  • Reduce warehouse or factory space requirements, fulfilment time, and labour 
  • Optimise material and information flow, processes, activities 
  • Increase throughput, accuracy and ergonomics

3PL Supply Chain Trends

  • Growing number of 3PLs focused on multi-client eCommerce order fulfilment
  • Greater complexity of outsourcing solutions – integrated DC/warehouse, value added services, and transportation
  • Change in traditional CPG outsourcers order profile from pallets to cases
  • Retail and Healthcare are growing markets
  • Increased mergers and acquisitions activity to expand offerings and global reach
  • Ability to replicate solutions globally
  • Increasing need to leverage innovation to gain and keep business

Economic Drivers

  • Labour – availability, reliability, and benefit costs
  • Increased competition and downward pricing/margin pressure
  • Increasing IT performance and visibility expectations from customers
  • Increased governmental requirements for shipping/exporting/importing
  • Expansion of service offerings

Dematic RapidStore ASRS

Dematic RapidStore ASRS

Dematic RapidStore solutions are an impressive addition to modern materials handling systems. Automatically receiving, putting away and retrieving your stock means the link between bulk reserve storage and online buffer storage is fast, efficient and cost effective.

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Typical Solutions

RapidStore Mini Load

Automated Container Storage/Dynamic Replenishment

Maximum Capacity with Minimum Footprint

Multishuttle 2

Automated Mixed Case Order Fulfilment

Improved Inventory and Shipping Accuracy


Automated Mixed Case Palletising (AMCAP)

Automated Mixed Case Palletising


Automated Pallet Transport and/or Storage (AGV)

Reliable Operation with Minimal Maintenance


Batch Pick to Putwall / Sorter

High Volume Item Picking For Small to Medium Size Orders

Pick to Conveyor

Case Pick to Conveyor / Sorter

Improved Inventory and Order Accuracy


Cross Docking

Fast, Accurate Sortation of Inbound Freight

Split Case Picking

Directed Split Case Picking

Hands-Free Picking Operation

Goods to Person Piece Picking

Goods-to-Person Item Picking

500-1,000 Picks per Hour

Pallet ASRS

High-Density Pallet ASRS

Improved Inventory and Shipping Accuracy

High-Volume Packing and Shipping

High-Volume Packing and Shipping System

Minimises Expensive Shipping Errors and Returns Processing

Pallet Conveyor

Layer Order Fulfilment

Compact and High Density Footprint Reduces Space Requirements

Value Added Packing

Packing and Value Added Services

Customize Orders with Customised Packaging and Promotional Materials

Zone Routing

Item Picking to Conveyor (Zone Route)

Maximised Picker Efficiency

Receiving and Putaway

Receiving & Putaway

Real-Time Inventory Visibility



Fast, Accurate Shipping with Real-Time Visibility

Voice Directed Pick-to-Pallet

Voice Directed Pick-to-Pallet

Improved Inventory and Order Accuracy

Typical Solutions

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D&H Distributing

“We needed to make an investment that was a lot more forward looking, and that’s when we made the decision to implement automation that would support our growth 10 years out.”

Director of Logistics,
D&H Distributing

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