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Egemin is Now Dematic

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Dematic is announcing the next step in the integration of Egemin Automation with Dematic by consolidating the Egemin brand into a single global Dematic brand. Starting in 2018, all of Egemin’s warehouse automation solutions will be globally branded and available to the market as Dematic.

Dematic comprises parent company KION Group’s Supply Chain Solutions segment, which offers end-to-end supply chain automation solutions including high-end warehouse automation, storage, sorting and conveying solutions, automated guided vehicles (AGV), and automated forklift trucks. NDC Automation, Dematic’s AGV brand for the Australian market, is also being rolled up into the Dematic brand. 

The integration of NDC and Egemin into one single Dematic brand creates a powerful and global Dematic brand that offers benefits that separate brands simply do not. Dematic and Egemin customers are located in many of the same markets, so a single brand strategy improves the Dematic brand recognition among supply chain automation solutions. The combination of brands also means that customers no matter where in the world they are located, can rely on the solution and support they need under a single product brand to serve their current and future material handling automation needs. 

From a manufacturing standpoint, Dematic will incorporate the NDC and Egemin AGV and Egemin in-floor chain tow conveyor products into its mobile automation solutions offering and continue to manufacture and support the existing platforms as it moves forward toward creating the next generation of best-in-class AGVs.

There are 6 Main points regarding this:

6 Main points


Which ‘Egemin’ and ‘NDC’ products will continue? 


A product roadmap is being created that combines the ‘best of’ AGV solutions from the Egemin, NDC and Dematic offerings, also including Egemin’s in-floor chain conveyor solutions. From a product naming standpoint, we’ve begun the process of converting E’gv to AGV in brochures. The E’tow product will simply be referred as in-floor chain tow conveyor. 

The branding in regards to AGVs is more about Mobile Automation solutions, and not specific products.  


Will AGVs continue to be manufactured in Egemin’s manufacturing locations in Holland and Zwijndrecht? 


Holland is the global HQ for the Mobile Automation CoE, as well as main location for AGV manufacturing within Dematic. There are no plans to shut down or close the Holland facility. In fact, we may be looking to expand it. The Zwijndrecht manufacturing location will continue to operate as the main location for all dedicated AGVs for the European market. 


What will the combined Dematic/Egemin/NDC product offering look like? 


The combined product offering will include a ‘best of’ line-up of Egemin, NDC and Dematic machines. It will also include KION family-branded dual-use machines, manufactured by KION-family companies, but automated by Dematic.  


What will happen to customers using machines that will be phased out? 


We will continue to service customers using AGVs that will be phased out with the new product roadmap, and will offer a migration path where appropriate. 


What happens with our Egemin EU and US and NDC websites? 


The NDC and Egemin websites will go ‘dark’ January 1, 2018. The content for AGV and in-floor chain conveyor business is being migrated to the Dematic websites. Redirects from bookmarked NDC and Egemin website content will be redirected to the Dematic site. 


What changes for customers? 


Starting January 1, all machines manufactured both in Zwijndrecht (Belgium) and Holland, MI (USA) will be branded as ‘Dematic’ branded AGVs. 

We will continue the relationship as is with customers, just under a different legal entity, and a customers’ day-to-day sales and service contacts will remain the same. Between now and end of year 2017, the legal names of the Egemin entities around the world will change to a Dematic one and customers will discontinue making payments to ‘Egemin’ and will instructed to begin making payments to the Dematic entity in your region. Your regional contact will provide more details on when that will happen. 


What changes for employees? 


The sunset of the Egemin Automation brand is a new chapter. The company has gone through several different names over the years. What hasn’t changed over this time is the company’s commitment to producing quality mobile automation solutions and a commitment to quality.