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Automate and Streamline Processes

Dematic iQ Maintenance helps you increase your wrench time, keep track of your spare parts, and reduce self-induced equipment failures.

With Dematic Maintenance, you can

  • Prevent unplanned downtime
  • Track trends and best practices
  • Keep score on equipment and labour productivity
  • Perform root cause analysis and failure analysis
  • Order parts easily through Dematic Online Parts

Dematic's Enterprise Asset Management program makes it easy and intuitive to keep assets in optimal condition, monitor maintenance activities, and schedule labour and materials.

Work Management

Provide custom forms and reports for creating, processing, and completing work orders. Custom permissions can be applied for specific groups to manage data access. '

Preventive Maintenance

Automate pre-defined schedules or manually generate orders to keep equipment running optimally. Built-in forecast reporting provides load balancing and labour management.

Asset Management

Manage assets and corresponding data. Include file attachments, warranty information, nameplate data, inspection and preventive maintenance information, spare parts, and custom fields.


Build, schedule, and perform custom inspections including quality assurance, safety inspections, compliance audits, customer surveys, and meter readings. Interact with other records using predefined actions. For example, equipment data can be modified to order corrective work orders if an inspection is failed.


Fully manage materials, storeroom, purchasing, and vendors. Track item and shipping costs, ordering and approval capabilities, and storeroom minimum and maximum levels for on-hand counts.


Extract, consolidate, and deliver data directly from existing monitoring systems. Be alerted to current issues or trending data through a single dashboard.

Reporting & Dashboards

Make informed decisions with direct visibility into operational activities. Reports capture data from asset data, financials, and Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) in professional grids or graphs.


Enable field workers to receive process, approve, and complete work with time and material posting. Inspections, inventory, physical counts, and asset management are all available in a web-based platform or as an installable Android application.

Dematic iQ Sprocket

Enterprise Asset Management Solutions

With the Dematic Sprocket EAM (Enterprise Asset Management) system, we want to change the perception of maintenance for the better. Dematic Sprocket is a robust and flexible solution capable of supporting your maintenance requirements by increasing the productive and reliability of your operation.

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