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RapidStore ASRS

Highly Dynamic, Energy-Efficient Storage and Retrieval System

Highly dynamic, energy-efficient storage and retrieval system

Storage is a paradox. On one hand it adds value by providing a critical buffer between your processes and your customer, while on the other hand it adds cost in land, building and inventory. 

Automated Storage and Retrieval Systems from Dematic are designed to minimise and mobilise your stock. They secure product, eliminate damage, and increase productivity and accuracy. All the while saving footprint, power, time and money.

Dematic RapidStore ASRS

Dematic RapidStore ASRS

Dematic RapidStore solutions are an impressive addition to modern materials handling systems. Automatically receiving, putting away and retrieving your stock means the link between bulk reserve storage and online buffer storage is fast, efficient and cost effective.

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