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Distribution Science

The Science Behind Dematic iQ

Material handling vendors have traditionally relied on previous experience to design distribution centres.

While experience is a valuable asset, each distribution centre has its own requirements, with few being exactly the same. What works well for one application may not work for another one.

Distribution Science is a mathematical, scientific, and systematic approach to facility evaluation and optimisation. With it, you can find solutions for the logical and physical constraints of existing infrastructure and utilise. Software that provides agility to your system and boosts overall performance. 

Dematic’s Distribution Science validates designs using research-based simulation modelling that: 

  • Uses your historical order information to test the proposed design before the system is actually built
  • Models expected growth using historical data to further validate the proposed design data under different order profile scenarios
  • Tests the proposed design under different conditions using a sensitivity analysis and identifies conditions where the design will work and conditions that could present challenges 
  • Identifies gridlock conditions and bottlenecks
  • Develops accurate, quantifiable expected financial benefits of the proposed solution