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Dematic iQ Capabilities

Performance Execution, Visibility, and Optimisation

From a functionally rich Warehouse Execution System for real-time facility optimisation, to analytics to monitor and manage operations, to asset and maintenance management, Dematic iQ is the software solution you need for complete control.

Warehouse Execution System (WES)

Dematic iQ is a robust WES that can manage all aspects of your operations from receiving to shipping. It combines robust functionality to plan and coordinate efficient routing of product through a maze of automation (typically found in a Warehouse Control System - WCS) as well as rich functionality to optimise manual and labour intensive activities in each area of the warehouse (typically found in a Warehouse Management System - WMS). Dematic iQ WES helps you get orders out the door quickly, efficiently, and accurately.

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With Dematic iQ WES, you can

  • Reduce shipping costs
  • Increase labour productivity
  • Improve equipment uptime, efficiency, and performance
  • Deploy and adapt to changing conditions quickly, with minimal training
  • Improve order accuracy, increase customer satisfaction, and reduce returns processing costs

Dematic iQ makes order fulfilment easier and supports and improves business processes, including receiving, storage, replenishment, post-pick, and shipping.


  • Manual and blind receipts
  • Repacking and container building
  • Returns handling and processing
  • Standard unloading and receiving process
  • Management of purchase orders, shipments, deliveries and advices


  • Dynamic slotting
  • Velocity classifications
  • Mixing and storing product together
  • Preferred destinations and target areas or zones
  • Round-robin product balancing across multiple aisles or zones


  • Planning estimates for future demand based on pending orders
  • Distribution of stock across aisles promotes as-needed selectivity
  • Threshold triggers when inventory per SKU and specific areas fall below defined level
  • Demand accommodates additional stock based requirement requests of other business processes.


  • Batch picking
  • Zone routing
  • Cluster picking
  • Fully automated picking
  • Goods-to-Person picking


  • QC inspection
  • Integrated labelling
  • Short pick transparency
  • Dynamic putwall slotting assignment
  • Ship container size indicator


  • Consolidation/Staging
  • Buffer and marshalling
  • Staging lane assignments
  • Manufacturing line delivery
  • Mechanized and directed sort/transport


Operational Analytics

Dematic iQ Operational Analytics makes it fast and easy for you to get the information you need to monitor, manage, and improve your operations. With Operational Analytics, you can

  • Increase enterprise transparency
  • Measure and reward improvement
  • Gain the insights needed to take action
  • See a clear picture of operational health
  • Evaluate the impact of operational changes

With Dematic iQ Analytics you can measure and improve your material handling and order fulfilment operations by delivering business intelligence from the data generated by your systems and equipment.

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Data Management Layer

Efficient information management is crucial to delivering actionable intelligence. Dematic iQ features an advanced data management layer that collects data from diverse software and controls sources and transforms it into performance information.

Decision Support and Planning

Visibility into your operation requires analytics that show historical trends so you can plan based on past performance. Dematic iQ delivers the data you need to make decisions to improve your operations.

Key Performance Indicators

Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) provide a quick overview of the status of operations. Dematic iQ delivers this information with dashboards that can be easily configured for various users.


Enterprise Asset Management (EAM)

Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) helps you optimize your maintenance operations, reduce your ‘wrench’ time, coordinate your spare parts usage, and almost eliminate self-induced and unplanned equipment failures and downtime.

With Dematic’s EAM, you can

  • Minimize unplanned downtime
  • Track trends and incorporate best practices
  • Keep score of equipment and labour productivity
  • Perform root cause analysis and failure analysis
  • Order parts easily through Dematic Online Parts

Dematic's Enterprise Asset Management program makes it easy and intuitive to keep assets in optimal condition, monitor maintenance activities, and schedule labour and materials.

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Preventive Maintenance: Automate pre-defined schedules or manually generate orders to keep equipment running optimally. Built-in forecast reporting provides load balancing and labour management.

Asset Management: Manage equipment, assets and corresponding data. Include file attachments, warranty information, nameplate data, inspection and preventive maintenance information, spare parts, and custom fields.

Inspections: Build, schedule, and perform custom inspections including quality assurance, safety inspections, compliance audits, customer surveys, and meter readings. Interact with other records using predefined actions. For example, equipment data can be modified to order corrective work orders if an inspection is failed.

Inventory: Fully manage materials, storeroom, purchasing, and vendors. Track item and shipping costs, ordering and approval capabilities, and storeroom minimum and maximum levels for on-hand counts.

Metering: Extract, consolidate, and deliver data directly from existing monitoring systems. Be alerted to current issues or trending data through a single dashboard.

Reporting & Dashboards: Make informed decisions with direct visibility into operational activities. Reports capture data from asset data, financials, and KPIs in professional grids or graphs.

Mobile: Enable field workers to receive process, approve, and complete work with time and material posting. Inspections, inventory, physical counts, and asset management are all available in a web-based platform or as an installable Android application.