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Advantages of Dematic iQ

Scalable, Flexible, Intelligent, Fast

Dematic iQ can turn your distribution centre, warehouse, or factory from a cost centre into a competitive advantage.

With the right combination of business operational, technical, and facility advantages, Dematic iQ can help you optimise your warehouse operations, adapt and respond to changing consumer behaviour and expectations.

Business Advantages

  • Meet and exceed the needs of increasingly demanding consumers
  • Reduce overall operating costs 
  • Gain an edge on even your most advanced competitors 
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Dematic iQ creates advantages for your business by 

Satisfying customers: 

  • Greater item selection and on-time shipment
  • Better order accuracy that eliminates the need to return items 
  • Minimised (or fewer) stockouts 

Improving market share: 

  • Later order cutoffs so customers order from you, not your competition
  • System flexibility to support peak demand, promotions, and sales
  • Accurate inventories to prevent lost sales 

Growing margins:

  • Improved labour and equipment productivity
  • Transportation savings with cube optimisation and parcel friendly packaging
  • Enhanced order accuracy to prevent costly returns 

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Operational Advantages

  • Reduce the time needed to process and ship product 
  • Increase efficiency, improve accuracy, reduce labour costs
  • Scale smoothly to meet peak demand (or fluctuations in demand) 
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Dematic iQ creates advantages for your operations by 

Handling peak volumes:

  • Pull-based strategies that increase throughput, reduce cycle time, and address priority orders 
  • Analytics that help identify trends and issues
  • Prepositioned inventory to optimise fulfilment 

Processing more orders: 

  • Improved labour and equipment productivity
  • Scalable, flexible order handling
  • Configurable decision engines that constantly balance work flows

Providing faster, more accurate picking: 

  • Intuitive, persona-based user interfaces 
  • Simple, easy-to-follow commands 
  • Configurable, rule-based strategies 
  • Dynamic pull-based systems that optimise resources 

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Technical Advantages 

  • Support a single technology platform from a single supplier
  • Reduce demand on IT departments 
  • Control IT costs 
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Dematic iQ creates advantages for your IT systems with 

Single supplier/single platform: 

  • One contact for ongoing support
  • Reduced integration costs and risks
  • Scales from basic operation to complete automation

Simple operation: 

  • User configurable and rule-based
  • Standard API’s for easy integration with 3rd party systems
  • Easy access to data (persona-based user interfaces, dashboards, and reports) 

Controlled costs: 

  • Standard modules based on open architecture
  • Distributed architecture and scalable
  • Version control with upgrade path 

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Facility Advantages 

  • Save time and reduce costs with proactive maintenance
  • Track full life-cycle and costs for your assets
  • Ensure all spare parts are available when needed 
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Dematic iQ creates advantages for your maintenance department by 

Increasing uptime: 

  • Fast alerts for variances and problems 
  • Accurate safety and maintenance procedures
  • Easy-to-track and scheduled PMs from a central location

Becoming proactive instead of reactive: 

  • Customised meter thresholds for your warehouse assets
  • Scheduled inspections to assess equipment condition
  • Automated alerts indicate when maintenance is necessary 

Easily stocking and finding parts: 

  • Barcode capability to easily issue parts to and from work orders
  • Automated reordering that tracks all inventory costs

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